I've made no secret of the fact that I hate this time of year. I'm a Summer gal through & through, and these colder months get on my swede proper bad. Even in the hotter temps we [very occasionally] get in the UK [when everyone's kicking off about the heat] I'd still happily go hotter; like the climates & scorchio conditions you get abroad. In a heartbeat.

I think one of my all time life goals is to relocate to a little island in the sun [probs a Greek one - Kefalonia has my heart] and start a fresh, relaxed lil life over there. Surrounded by white-washed architecture, thousands of stray kitties I can adopt, beautiful blue oceans and actual sunshine. 

If you didn't know, I actually have a Vitamin D deficiency... which may or may not have contributed to my weaker-than-ya-average bones and that tragic accident & 3,000 surgeries I've had since then.

Living my best worst life. 

Vitamin D [as well as being found in some foods, like all ya leafy stuff & fortified cereals and tha] is... funnily enough, absorbed into your body via the sun's rays. And I live in the UK. And I have no Vitamin D. SO IT''S NO COINCIDENCE, IS IT? I need to be in the sun for health reasons [sounds more convincing, right?] and our British weather just ain't cutting it. Strangely though, when I asked my GP to prescribe me a holiday on the NHS to help sort me out, he said no. For a man named Dr Pun, he really wasn't that jovial. Well tight in fact, as he didn't let me have a hot tub for my knackered back either.

Have you ever just thought about it? Booking a spur-of-moment flight to somewhere hot, lying on a beach, turning ya phone off and refreshing your soul for a few days? Or taking it one step further, and buying a villa somewhere beaut to stay in when you wanna flee the cold and / or rent out to make some ££ when the UK's a bit more tolerable? A lil Spanish villa, maybe?

They talk about this all the time in Eastenders...[a huge part of my life these days, given that I don't actually have one 😂] with Phil & Sharon literally out there looking at property for sale in Portugal right now, as part of the storyline. I'd love to move there. One place in the world I've never been, but which looks so beautiful and blue. 

I'm also pretty tempted to Google 'property for sale Algarve' on that note - another place I've never been, but which looks like somewhere I could make a home. Cally went there recently and I couldn't contain my jealousy at how fab it looked.

I have a lot to stay for in the UK - friends, family, McDonalds and people's pets, but if money wasn't an object, I would love to - at the very least - venture overseas to experience relaxing, warm life more. Pretty much every time I visit somewhere new I get swayed to want to move there... which is a dangerous yet fun game to play when imagining different paths my life could take in the future.

 Would you ever move abroad - to Portugal or the Algarve?
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