I've made a huuuuuuuuuge list of treatments I wanna try out in 2020 - Botox, Filler, some cutting-edge skin technology I've been researching, CoolSculpting, Microblading... honestly, I'll be a whole new bird by the end of it all. And I can't wait

One treatment I'm DEFINITELY keen to book in is Laser Hair Removal... imagine never having to shave, wax or cope with stubble ever again. THE DREAM. Loved by Kim Kardashian and countless Victoria Secret Models, laser hair removal is effective, painless and life-changing. And if it's good enough for them, it's definitely good enough for me!

Laser Hair Removal At Pulse Light Clinic London

Laser hair removal (a treatment loved by several Hollywood A-Listers) at Pulse Light Clinic makes this dream of mine a reality - for men and women; of all skin types. Team this with the fact that it also reduces the appearance of pigmentation & ingrown hairs.... and you're looking at an overall skin makeover and lifestyle change that'll save you bags of time & massively boost your confidence. Permanently.

Laser hair removal uses laser light pulses to selectively destroy hair follicles by targeting the melanin (colour) in them. The pigment in the follicle absorbs the laser's light pulse, which damages the follicle enough to significantly slow hair regrowth. The surrounding skin tissue remains unaffected.

This innovative hair removal treatment is gentle yet effective & totally safe; achieved using state-of-the-art technology administered by Pulse Light's team of highly experienced practitioners. Using leading Syneron-Candela machines, the team use lasers that effectively treat Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, Arab, Mixed Race, Black Caribbean & Black African skin types.

Common areas treated include:

- Legs
- Bikini Line
- Underarms
- Buttocks
- Arms
- Back
- Abdomen
- Chest
- Shoulders
- Face
- Neck

Laser Hair Removal At Pulse Light Clinic London

As the lasers using during your treatment only target hair follicles in the active growth stage (and not all grow at the same time & rate) you should expect to undergo 4-6 laser hair removal treatments to fully eradicate body hair in your target area. Permanently.

You won't have to wait long for results. Just a few weeks after a laser hair removal session, you'll notice that your unwanted hair has become sparser & finer, your skin smoother and your pores less visible.

As body hair grows in differing hair cycles, some may not be in the correct phase for around a year, so they may need to be targeted a year later. These are 'top up' treatments and everyone needs them for permanent hair removal. Even Kim Kardashian!
*Collaborative post. For more information on what this means, please see my Disclaimer
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