With so many treatments [both surgical and non-surgical] on the market, new technology regularly breaking onto the scene, hundreds of Instagram accounts to keep up with and a lot of science-sounding words involved; it can be hard to navigate the world of modern day aesthetics. 

Everyone's sorta heard of lip fillers and botox - with rough ideas & perceptions of what these two types of treatment involve, but when it comes to other aesthetic options; information isn't as readily available and it can be a bit of a minefield understanding what everything means, who each treatment is right for and exactly what they involve.

I work with a few aesthetic clinics; meaning that I've become much more familiar with aesthetic treatments, how things work and what the latest procedures actually are / do; so I thought it'd be useful for some of you to write up a post explaining more about some of the most sought after aesthetic procedures on the market right now.

This is a collaborative post with Nu You Aesthetics Clinic, so I figured discussing the range of treatments available at their lovely practice would be a great way to share some of my new found knowledge with you guys. Nu You offer a range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments to help you on your journey to self-confidence - such as 3D lipo [something I've tried before!], fat freezing & Brazilian bum lifts [something I'm so keen to have] - so these popular treatments are gonna be the stars of today's post.

Nu You Aesthetics Clinic - Fat Freezing & Popular Treatments Explained

Lipofirm Pro Fat Reduction Treatments
Sounds complicated - but let me break it down for ya [and no, I'm not about to go off into a pure rap. I would, but it's too early for that level of enthusiasm rn sorry huns.]

Lipofirm fat reduction treatments use a combination of radio frequencies [which activate muscles & stimulate ya collagen cells, encouraging them to pull their finger out] and mechanical pressures to break down fat; which is then removed naturally by the body [ie it breaks down, is carried away by ya blood and you'll wee it out - which is why you're always advised to drink lots during these sorts of treatments; literally flushing out your system.]

That collagen I mentioned? It's what keeps your skin looking youthful and firm. By stimulating it whilst breaking down fat as part of this treatment, you'll find that you'll also be left with firmer, stronger skin in the treated area... as as this collagen regenerates, it grows back better than ever.

Fat Freezing Treatments
Fat freezing sounds proper dramatic, but it's not that cray. This is probably one of the most popular non-surgical fat reduction treatments of all-time tbh; safely freezing fat to leave you with much more contoured results. Literally considering booking myself a sesh of this right now tbh

It's a similar sitch to the treatment above tbh - just a different method. And different fat reduction treatments work differently on alternate body types. 

Fat freezing triggers and accelerates the body’s natural process of ‘apoptosis’. When fat cells are exposed to cold temperatures, they instantly die. So this treatment exposes your problem areas to cold; killing that fat right off. Ya body then recognises these cells are dead AF and disposes of them naturally over time, leaving you with less fat. So again, make sure you drink lots of water post-treatment!

3D Lipo Treatments
I tried this treatment myself a few years ago - it's not at all painful and there's zero-downtime involved. Just again - lots and lots of water consumption encouraged during your course of 3D Lipo. This treatment uses a combination of ultrasonic cavitation and other tech... but we don't really need to worry about these sciencey words. Using a low frequency ultrasound, the treatment sends out a strong wave of pressure to the fat cell membranes; which breaks them down and turns them into liquid.

Once these little blighters are liquidised, your body’s natural detoxification process will flush 'em - and any other fats out of your body. Get them water bottles at the ready gal.

Nu You Aesthetics Clinic - Fat Freezing & Popular Treatments Explained

Non-Surgical Brazilian Bum Lifts
WANT. Safe & non-invasive, this treatment works to lift & sculpt the shape of your bum. Again, using snazzy tech to target key areas, this treatment uses focussed heat to get fibres in ya bumcheeks to contract; leaving the skin in the area instantly tighter. Brazilian Bum Lifts at Nu You Aesthetics use Lipofirm technology [which we talked about in the first treatment covered] - meaning that your skin will also be left smoother, younger looking and soft post-lift [thanks to that collagen stimuation.]

LipoContrast Treatments
Lipo-what-now? Don't worry bbz, this is another one I'll explain for you now. LipoContrast treatments use a proper fancy sounding new technology called 'thermal contrast lipolysis.' This basically delivers a hit of heat, then cold, then heat again to ya fat calls.... which shocks them to their core, disrupts their daily lives and destroys them [a little like an unexpected text from your ex does] - meaning these destroyed fat calls can then be flushed out over time.

IV Nutrition Treatments
A celeb favourite [and something becoming more popular to help rid us of hangovers at festivals] IV Nutrition treatments are a quick and easy fix to get yourself feeling good - and to help with weight-loss too. There's loads of different options when it comes to IV treatments - with formulas designed to do everything; including boosting energy levels, encouraging the fat-burning process & hydrating your skin and organs. 

There is a needle involved in this option, as you'll have a cannula inserted into a vein usually on the back of your hand to deliver these nutrients directly into the bloodstream. 

Nu You Aesthetics Clinic - Fat Freezing & Popular Treatments Explained

Lipofirm Facials
We spoke about Lipofirm technology earlier - and you can definitely see why this fab technology is ideal for use in a facial now, right? The radio frequencies emitted by the tools used encourage collagen production - and collagen is the BOY when it comes to youthful, tighter and plumper skin. By stimulating it and encouraging it to pull its metaphorical finger out re: collagen production, it'll grow bangin' new cells that leave the skin looking noticeably younger.

Lipofirm facials at Nu You are followed by intense moisturising and an application of their Reform SPF; which protects your newly rejuvenated skin and optimises the results of ya facial.

Cellulite Reduction Treatments
Cellulite is a very common concern for men & women alike - and new treatments are being developed all the time to help combat it. Nu You offer a variety of non-surgical, non-invasive treatments using similar tech to the ideas discussed above to break down stubborn cells & pockets of fat and encourage rejuvenation & firmness in the skin.

CoolLifting Facials
These innovative facial treatments are incredibly effective when it comes to reversing visible signs of ageing; quickly. Using similar tech to some of the other treatments discussed above, CoolLifting is administered to the face using a [non-invasive] targeted gun. It delivers cold temperatures to skin cells under high pressures; activating circulation in ya blood vessels and stimulating that absolute hun collagen again... hydrating, lifting, firming and softening skin an absolute treat.

Have you had - or would like to have - any of the treatments listed above? Does breaking them down like this help make them easier to understand? Lemme know, cos I could chat for about 15 years about all things aesthetics... so you's only need to say the word & I'll be off!

*Sponsored post, but all opinions & experiences expressed are totes legit & my own xo
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