I made a list of the things I wanna achieve / get over the next couple of years recently [thought I'd give that manifesting shizzle a go like] and I would properly love veneers yeno. As well as an assortment of botox & filler procedures, to try and maintain my youthful appearance for as long as I can [even though I'm already 31 and still get asked for ID pretty regularly in big Tescos.]

I personally find aesthetic treatments & things like cosmetic dentistry really interesting - there's so much technique & artistry behind these procedures, and there's no reason why [well, aside from if you pick one of them pyar backstreet ppl to inject ya, don't do that - always go to a qualified, insured doctor or practitioners] you should end up looking 'fake' or 'overdone.' I see so many people ripping people who choose to tweak their appearances, and I just don't get it. It takes all kinds to make a world huns - and if someone feels better about themselves / more like the person they identify as after aesthetic treatments, who are we to judge?

I put up an Insta story recently [on my personal account, not my blog one] with a filter on, which I'd captioned 'this filter makes me wanna get my lips done.' ALL BOYS [no surprise there, like] replied to my story, saying 'you're beautiful as you are, please don't do that' 'you don't need that' 'don't do it'... and I was just like 1. Like Cartman [in that episode of South Park where he dresses as a girl and goes on TV] 'I do what I want' and 2. Boys are so stupid - I've already had lip filler. Granted, it's pretty much worn off now, but pls. These pics you've been liking? Fulla filler babe. 

There's so many misconceptions about aesthetic treatments, what they'll make you look like and the people that choose to have them - which is why I've been talking more about aesthetics and my personal opinions on this sorta stuff more recently. 

I'd love a perfect, pearly white smile so much. Like, self-consciousness about my teeth has plagued so much of my life in a negative way, and seeing so many clinics and the amazing results that can be achieved there in modern day aesthetics is actually pretty inspiring to me. So veneers have defo gone on my manifestation list. 

It's always absolutely imperative important to do your research when picking out a clinic to go to for any form of aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry treatment; locating a practice with good reviews, experienced doctors & dentists and one where the staff are happy to answer your questions, provide tonnes of information and are fully insured are all crucial things to tick off before going ahead with anything.

Harley Street Smile Clinic are a cosmetic dentistry clinic based on [as you might have guessed] London's famous, affluent Harley Street. They specialise in a range of treatments - including veneers, [yaaaaas get me my dream smile please] and have treated a range of well-known celebrities... which is again, a pretty decent recommendation in my eyes. Celebs always have amazing teeth, and to me, a perfect American smile is super attractive. I'd definitely visit, in my quest to boost my self confidence & achieve a blindin' smile.

What are your thoughts on aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry?
*Sponsored post, but all opinions & that are totes legit & totes my own xo
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