If - like me, you're a freelance kinda gal [or fella] and / or a Social Media Manager, you'll know how precious your time is... and how ground-breaking it can be when you discover a new tool to help you manage & optimise it. 

I've started writing more about useful resources, websites and tools I've located during my journey into freelance life on here recently - hoping to help others & share the love for software I've found to be pretty babein'. Which leads me onto the topic of today's post pretty nicely. 

I've recently discovered a new online platform to help plan, populate and publish marketing content - ContentCal. Using their easy-to-navigate software [which is beautifully designed & very user-friendly] you can collaborate, plan out content, handle inquiries and analyse your posts' performance with inbuilt reporting features. All of which are extremely handy tools - all in one place, for Social Media Managers to have access to. Saving you time and helping create better social media content; taking your clients' accounts to new levels.

ContentCal - A FAB New Tool For Social Media Managers & Content Planning | ContentCal.io

If you're a lone wolf or a sole trader like me [#ForeverAlone] then the collaboration tools offered by ContentCal.io aren't perhaps something you'll need to explore - but if you do operate within a team, they're really useful and something I can definitely see the value in. Having access to a Social Media Calendar which visually displays upcoming content, creating bespoke workflows to quality-check and approve content pre-publishing and being able to integrate commonly used management software into ContentCal [such as Slack and Trello] allow for fantastic levels of communication, collaboration and organisation. Even if you are a one-man-band kinda set up [like me] these features are beneficial too.

As well as all the cutting-edge scheduling, planning and collaboration opportunities available when using ContentCal; a really useful tool this software boasts is its 'Analytics' feature... something which can shape the content within your Social Media Plan heavily - and help you save time in terms of quickly figuring out which kinda posts perform best for your client[s].

As well as saving time & feeling like an absolute BOSS in the organisation stakes, you want the software you use to plan and schedule your content with to help optimise and grow the accounts you manage. The 'Analytics' features within ContentCal [as briefly mentioned above] provide you with some fantastic tools to help with this - and to impress clients with the statistics which illustrate your successes.

Using this feature within the software helps you quickly determine what your top performing content is, assess individual posts against relevant metrics & quickly pull up reporting on monthly results; in the form of easy-to-read and aesthetically pleasing graphs & charts. These reports can be exported to PDFs to share in meetings or emails back to clients - as well as having uses such as accurately tracking follower growth across all channels, analysing post engagement and determining the best times for you to post content for maximum engagement. And i think everyone needs a bit of help with that these days... algorithms; amiright?!

What do you think - does ContentCal sound like something that'd help you out? Whether you're a Social Media Manager in charge of multiple accounts or a blogger trying to optimise & grow your online presence, there's definitely a feature [or 12!] in this software that can help you on our journey.
*Sponsored post but all opinions are totes legit & my own. As someone who spends their whole life on Social Media & scheduling it for others, I can verify this software is definitely useful!
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