With the 'bigger is better' filler trend fading fast, more of us than ever are seeing out subtly enhanced pouts at aesthetic clinics [always go with a qualified doctor, nurse or practitioner for filler folks, pls swerve beauticians offering these kinds of treatments as a sideline to their other services & do your research to find a clinic you can trust.]

One of the UK's leading practices - who operate under a natural look ethos; using minimal product to create maximised results for their patients, are Trikwan Aesthetics. Their work revolutionises & sculpts industry best-practice - and founders Dr Sanjay Trikha & Dr Zoya Diwan have created a beautifully understated, new injectable technique [their signature Trikwan Cupid's Bow treatment] in response to the demand for more subtle facial tweaks. This lip filler advancement [exclusive to Trikwan] has gained a legion of followers and coverage for being a game changer in the aesthetic industry.

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Trikwan's cutting-edge technique in this treatment focuses on building enhanced definition with minimal product... injecting large quantities of filler with poor placement typically creates a shapeless look. Which is why it's so important to do your research when picking out the doctor / nurse to perform your treatment.

Each session with Dr Sanjay & Dr Zoya starts with an in depth consultation to determine your lip goals; achieving a full understanding before the procedure begins. What then follows is the real artistry. The doctors will carefully place top-quality [typically Teoxane] filler along your cupid's bow to enhance its V-shape; whist slightly plumping the top and bottom lip to create a symmetrical effect.  They'll also enhance the Philthrum Columns above ya top lip... which are often overlooked, yet create a beautifully pronounced curvature.

The doctors' injecting technique requires many years to master & requires an artistic, perfectionist touch. Trikwan use only premium quality filler with a thinner than most texture; which enables the very finest application for meticulously detailed, symmetric results, lasting up to twelve months. Smaller amounts of filler are recommended with this treatment; for natural looking, beautifully defined, shapely lips.

Trikwan are known as the go-to haven for natural looking, yet transformative facial and skin care wizardry within the Harley Street area. The husband & wife team have been profiled by Vogue, Allure Magazine, Vanity Fair, Tatler and The Daily Mail for being the "best in the industry." I wanna book in with immediate effect, pls!

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