When I was 19, I moved to a well known Northern city, where they appreciate a good 'brow. A fair few years later (a lady never tells her age apparently) I'm still here and I have to be honest and admit I DO love a good scousebrow (it's a thing - Google it!) 

Otherwise known as just a loving and carefully crafted 'brow, a decent scousebrow can flatter the shape of your face, emphasise your eyes and just generally give you the impression of being a super-mega-babe (and I need all the help I can get.) Though the lovely ladies of Liverpool - and the world - opt for HD Brows and get substantial amounts of help from MAC; I am all about the budget. I put the 'poor' in... erm... well I don't know. But you get my gist. I want to look beautiful but also manage to pay my bills and eat each month. The best way to describe my finances is BRASSIC.

My younger sister recently blogged her eyebrow maintenance routine and I was astounded. She literally had about seven premium beauty products just to get her 'brows on; which I would have had to re-mortgage my flat to be able to afford. All that palava - really? I've always managed thus far with a trusty Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil, in dark brown, which I totally recommend to anyone who's a fan of pencilling in their 'brow blemishes.

Anyway, the other night I went totally mental on Boots online and ordered myself about 50% of their stock package. When, whilst over-indulging on the 3-for2 offer they have on again at the moment (get involved, it's WONDERFUL!) I noticed the Collection (formerly Collection 2000) 'Work the Colour Eyebrow Kit'. At just £3.99 it ticked a) my skint budget and b) was something I'd always wanted to try; so I added it to basket and here we are.

The little palette it comes in is cute and has a mini mirror on the inside. There are three powder 'brow fillers (one very dark, one medium brown and one sandy coloured), a double ended applicator brush and a clear 'brow mascara. 

Obv I dived straight on in there and here's what worked for me.

First of all: the brush. It is fab. The rounded end, I used to put powder in my brows and the angled end was perfect in squaring up the ends of my 'brows for the shape I know and love.

PERFECT angles - maths I like. Screw you, Isoceles Triangles

So I filled out my eyebrows first of all using the lighter brown powder. Please excuse my make-up free owl eyes in the photos below. Well actually, there's no excuse for it really, so feel free to bask in my grimness. I'm asking for it.

Is that eye of human or owl origin? Only time will tell. Soz guys

The powder spreads like a dream and was very subtle. Only, I don't really do subtle anymore. I've lived in competition with so many fierce brows for so long that I've upped my game. So I then went over the newly shaped brow with the darker shade, which blended perfectly. 

Looking better already. HUMAN.

And then to just seal the colour in place and blend it properly, I wazzed the clear mascara out of the case and ran it through. I haven't seen clear mascara since High School and the days we had to go swimming, so it was a nice trip down memory lane for me. The size and shape of the brush and little bottle was spot on in combing through my eyebrows, so here's a little montage with the 'Hudson' filter on (courtesy of Instagram) to show you how it happened.

I can see clearly now the rain has gone... except, it hasn't. It's winter.

And there you go. I'm no 'brow expert and I don't use a stencil, just the natural shape of my eyebrow, but I was made up with the results and how easy the kit is to use. Plus the price - £3.99? Yes please. Soz sissy, it's beauty on a budget for me!

So, what do you guys think? What 'brow kits do you use, and how do you keep your 'brow game strong? Feel free to leave your comments below - I love a good eyebrow perve, so show 'em off!

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