My face.
It loves to shine like a beacon; my fod practically gleams in the light. Swear I never used to be so oily. My fod looks like Kimmy K's #BreakTheInternet shiny bum if not cared for properly. 

So, so shiny. 

But other than that I'm happy overall with my skin. It's pretty clear and I've had comments off a few nice people about my complexion, so here's how I keep my face respectable and combat T-Zone shine / oil slicks. On a budget, obv

My face. Sponsored by .. all of the above (plus Nivea Hydration Cream for the old bod [and when I say old I mean it literally too I guess... I'm pretty much fossilised I'm that old now])

So, of a night these key products get whapped out and smother my face. We have Johnson's Baby Wipes (£1 from Poundland), big blue pot of Nivea Creme (about £3.99 I think from Boots) and my Simple Eye Make-Up Remover, Cleanser & Toner (I got these in a set with another moisturiser from Very for £16.) Nothing too posh - I have to admit, forking out for the Simple stuff was a little unheard of for me, but for 4 products they pretty much work out as £4 each, which isn't too bad. Plus, the BEAUTS at Very allowed me to add this bundle to my Buy Now, Pay Later set up we've got going on; hashtag AMAZING! 

Oh and also, there's the addition of the Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion lurking there in my photo too, which was on offer for like £3 or something of the like in Tesco.

Johnson's Baby Wipes are just an all round classic. For quick and easy make-up removal at any time of day and for knowing that your face smells like a (gloriously clean) baby's bum. I rely heavily on these bad boys and for one solitary quid, you can't go wrong. 

Pure 'N Simple

So these are my bottles of Simple goodness. Obv complement these with the use of cotton wool (I've got a giant sack [oh-er] of cotton wool from good old Wilko's that was about a quid) and you're onto a winner. I normally start with the Eye Make-Up remover, as I am horrend at being arsed to take my mascara off at night and a) as a contact lense wearer and b) as a survivor of the great eyelash massacre of 2003 I need to take care of my eyelashes. Apparently eyelashes and mascara combs are like the number one spot for rank bacteria to procreate and I don't want no mites bonking in my eyeline. So yeah, that first, followed by the Cleansing Lotion and Toner across all areas of my face. The Toner especially in my (Mr) T-Zone, to try and eliminate said shininess I keep ranting on about.

Old faithful

Oh, this guy. Nivea Creme and I have shared a delightful relationship for the past like, 14 years minimum. A bit like me and my old hairdryer. The stuff I found worked as a teen, I've never stopped using - and why should I? Nivea Creme has kept my face feeling as smooth and soft as a baby's bum, working perfectly with Johnsons, who makes it smell like a newborn's arse as well. It helps scars to fade, smothers spots in love so they vacate, it goes on lovely and thick and a big pot like this lasts me for MONTHS! I normally buy one pot in winter, one pot in summer and a small travel pot to take with me on holiday; meaning that my one MUST HAVE, ultimate number one out of all the products detailed above costs me like, less than £10 a year. I love the smell, I love the consistency... He's like a husband to me. Definitely the longest (and most satisfying) relationship I've ever had. BUY SOME.

Express yourself

Finally, the newest product to the skincare family - Nivea's Body Lotion Express Hydration. This isn't for my face, but it may as well get lumped in this post as it leads on so well from my Nivea appreciation above. I love this stuff, yano. It's a fairly new product and a fairly new discovery from me; I picked it up when I'd finally got back to the UK after three heavy weeks in Turkey and my skin was peeling off like that geezer from Austin Powers, Goldmember. It's fab - lovely and light and not too oily or shiny (soz Kim) on your skin at all. It smells lovely too - not too overpowering, it reminds me of like spa products and things that genuine professional people rather than those who worship PoundLand like me have. You instantly do feel the difference in your skin - it goes lovely and soft and dewy. And because of that, you don't need to pyarr smother yourself in it either, meaning it lasts that little longer. So me and my collection of battered credit cards can breathe a sigh of relief.

What do you reck? Have you used any of the above products, or can recommend something that might work better in keeping the oil rig on my forehead under control?

As ever, stick your comments in the box below and thanks for reading, you sexy lot

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