I have been rushed off my week this week, so I apologise for my lack of posting. Well, I say rushed off my feet; it's very much a case of rushed of my FOOT (singular) due to the fact I'm on crutches and can't walk (still) post accident. For those of you who don't know, I slipped on a boat trip on holiday in Turkey and fractured my actual hip.

Hell on earth.

It's all a bit grim, so I'll save this post until we're better acquainted, as my tale involves non-consensual nudity, accidental urination plus plenty of blood and gore. Look out for those delightful topics as tags in the future guys haha!

So this is just a little post of my week, in pictures.

1. Blow me away...


Look at this little beaut. 

Grandma called and asked what I wanted for Christmas, and it was then I realised. My hairdryer I'd been using up until this point, was the same one she had bought me when I was 12. I've had it for 14 years guys. My hairdryer is a teenager. It's as moody and temperamental as a teenager too; it cuts out and won't switch back on until it feels like it either. Stroppy.

So I went on Argos and found this BEAUTY. The Remington YourStyle Hairdryer. It retailed at £29.99, which is a very reasonable price for such a fab styler. Purple in colour, with gold grills and trims, this hairdryer has a vintage, lux look to it. PLUS, the feature which sealed the deal for me in picking it: THE ATTACHMENTS! This dryer comes with three attachments; a diffuser for curling, a concentrator for styling and straightening and my favourite attachment of all - the above pictured, bong-resembling, soft wave attachment! 

I watched a tutorial on YouTube about how to use the soft waves attachment - and I am TOO EXCITED to try it out. Watch this space - I will defo be posting about how I get on with this mad contraption - the results look great. I love a good messy wave. And don't necessarily love hairbrushes. SO this idea works, works and works for me! I normally use heated rollers to get a loose curl through my mane (literally, it's a mane) and I'm always looking for quicker and longer-lasting ways of achieving this effect. 

2. 'Keep Calm & Shop' ... well I don't mind if I do, ta Rimmel


Didn't even make that name up. With it's long lasting finish, fab bright colour and a name like that, 'Keep Calm & Shop' is a firm favourite and has remained on my nails - without chipping - all week. Buzzing. Lazy me. But then again, there's so many more things to be up to than having to constantly top up chips in your polish. 

3. Toffee Lattés


Greedy and proud - I love a good Maccy D's brew and this festive delicacy is de-vine. Espesh with these fab little chrimboli cups.

4. Super Cute Storage

I love eBay. No secrets there. And then I saw this little beaut. 

It's coming from China like, so it will take about 12 years to come. BUT WHEN IT DOES... think of the organisation. No more shall my eyelashes of days gone-by clump together in graveyards around my room. They can live as triplets, in this gorgeous little case. Forever and ever.

5. New armour, mon amore (is that the right French? My french speaking has defo got worse since Year 11, post eyelash scalping incident. It might even be Latin?)



Hand chain, £5.99 from New Look, Midi Ring, £2.00 from Forever21, Envelope Necklace. £3.00 from Forever 21

I LOVE envelope necklaces. I used to have one from Urban Outfitters that opened up and had a little letter inside it. But that 1) went rusty after I was coated in several splashes of Jágermeister and 2) originally cost like £20, which I don't have anymore. So here's the next best thing. 

What've you been spending your hard-earned pennies on this week?

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