It happened again, guys. I had a moment of weakness watching someone using a Ciate Mani Marker on Instagram and the next thing you know, I'd entered my credit card details and was pacing up and down waiting for the postman to arrive with one. 

When I see a new product which could help me achieve my goal of 100% laziness, I don't mess about. I'm stupidly impulsive sometimes, which is why I always lose on the Deal or No Deal machine; as I just jab answers on the screen without really thinking. 

But really though, a marker pen you're actually supposed to use to colour your nails in with? Which dries super fast and gives you a super precise way to apply your nail polish? Sod that messing about with pots of nail polish that always end up smeared across my face / duvet / life the next day, sign me up for some colouring action.

Lovelaughslipstick blog - Ciate Mani Marker Lady Luck Review

I ordered my Mani Marker from ASOS, where it was £7. Not too bad for a Ciate polish really - and to be honest, the stupid & impulsive side of me didn't really give two flying f*cks about how much it cost anyway. Which is why I have so much credit card debt. This shade is called Lady Luck. But did I strike it lucky with my latest, impulse buy? Was I going to be more Lady Luck or Lady And The Tramp?

Lovelaughslipstick blog - Ciate Mani Marker Lady Luck Review

Obv I love the packaging and branding of this product, and how it legit looks soooo much like some of the permanent markers I have in my stationary pot in the office. Job well done, Ciate. It pretty much behaves exactly the same as a marker pen, but just for beauty [barker for short?] purposes. 

First of all, I shook it about a bit to get the nail polish going. I also had a bit of a play around with the nib [ooh-err] in order to get the nail polish to seep through it [just like you'd do with a new marker pen, the first time you use it.] And I actually didn't spray nail polish anywhere on my person or belongings, which was pretty much unprecedented.

Lovelaughslipstick blog - Ciate Mani Marker Lady Luck Review

My only beef with this product [and maybe it's just me using it wrong, or maybe I've full on broke it or something?] is that despite how easy it is to apply and how insanely frigging fast it dries, it has the same issue that colouring in your nails with an actual marker pen does [don't tell me you didn't used to do this in school?!] - that it looks somewhat... patchy and scratchy. 

Ignore the general monstrosity that is my hands atm [dry skin city, population me] and take a look at this image - see what I mean about the graininess of the polish on the nail [and on the bit I missed and drew on my finger with, too lol?]

Lovelaughslipstick blog - Ciate Mani Marker Lady Luck Review

I'm really not sure on this one. Yes, the speed it dries at and the innovative idea behind its design & use is totes convenient. But at the same time, the unrelenting patchiness makes me label it as a bit of a deviant, too. Unless I'm just using it all wrong, in which case - someone please educate me before I end up throwing another £7 away in a fit of irrational rage?!

Have you tried any of Ciate's Mani Markers before? Am I doing something wrong, how did you get on with them? 
Oh and have any of you got any other lazy girl hacks I can try when it comes to my nails [other than paying a professional to do them for me, cos yeno, poor?]
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