Men are hard to buy for, right? I’ve put together a list of the greatest beard grooming gifts for the man in your life this year!

The time has come to start talking about Christmas [sorry] and let’s be honest; every single year it seems to be your partner, dad or brother that’s the hardest to buy for. Gone are the days where cosy socks and pants would satisfy the males of the world, even though it’s definitely something us girls would love. No word of a lie! 
Men, take note

Beard grooming and care is becoming a real popular choice when it comes to gift giving. It’s a practical and indulgent alternative to many products on the market today, but, as with anything, there seems to be a lot to get your head around. I mean, what’s the difference between a balm and a wax? What does aftershave actually do? With my list of beard grooming gifts for this year, you’ll be full of knowledge in no time.

Full beard or clean shaven?
This is the first crucial yet obvious question to ask yourself. If your little brother can’t grow a full-on beard yet, you’re not going to opt for a beard trimming kit, or any specific products to nourish a beard. The same goes for the man who always sports a long beard. Why would you buy him products that would give a perfectly clean-shaven face? Keep your recipient in mind and look for the right products to suit them. Hopefully, this guide will help!

1. Shaving and grooming kits.
Let’s start with the full package. If you’re completely clueless about individual products, why not go for a little bit of everything? Shaving gift sets and beard grooming kits are a great choice; depending on your recipient. They usually contain a little bit of everything, from beard trimmers and razors, to pots of beard wax, oil, balm and aftershave. You can’t go wrong with a gift set! 

2. Aftershave.
Aftershave is well known for making a guy smell delish. However, is that really the only benefit? No, of course not! It’s not common knowledge, especially for us women, but the right premium aftershave can have so many benefits for the skin. Not only does it soothe the area of your face that you’ve shaved, but it also has clever disinfecting properties too. The benefits are extensive, so a great practical choice to place under the tree this year.

3. Beard balms and wax. What’s the difference?
Balm and wax might sound similar on the surface, even some of the ingredients are the same! Their properties are a little different though, so listen up if you’re thinking about choosing one. 

Beard balm is your number one choice for a softer and healthier beard, so is pretty much suitable for any guy with some facial fuzz. Beard wax, however, is great for styling and hold. So, if the guy you’re buying for seems to have a few flyaway beard hairs or is starting to look a little untidy, then this is the product to go for when thinking about beard grooming gifts!

4. Premium razors and beard trimmers.
As with anything these days, you get what you pay for. Where beard care or shaving is concerned, if you get a rubbish razor or beard trimmer, you’re going to get a pretty rubbish result too. If you’re going to spend that little bit more money on shaving or beard grooming gifts, then this is where it should go. For some, trimming or shaving can be a real pain, so making things as smooth and effortless as possible will be sure to put you in those good books. 

5. Brushes and combs.
There’s nothing worse than a man having a beard they can’t get their hands through. It’s annoying, not to mention it doesn’t look great. Not keeping a beard in check can make a man look scruffy and unprofessional. Beard brushes and combs are a quick, handy way to look a little neater and the right ones can be extremely durable. Be sure to wash them regularly to keep them clean and to ensure they always work their best.

6. Beard oils.
If your other half is keeping his no-shave November beard through December too, beard oils can be a life saver. Premium products are usually made with a natural oil blend, keeping a beard shiny, and well-conditioned instead of greasy. Beard oils also usually carry a great scent too – definitely a worthy grooming gift.

7. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without some novelty.
Everyone saw the beard bauble and lights craze from a few years ago. It was really well received! Let the guy in your life get a little humorous gift such as this, or, if you’re after some generic beard gifts, I’m certain there will be endless supplies of props, mugs and shirts!

Your beard grooming gifts list – sorted.

Hopefully this list will give you a better idea of what your recipients could benefit from this year. Just ensure you get something practical that can be used again and again and you’ll definitely stay on Santa’s nice list!

*This post was in collaboration with The English Shaving Company, suppliers of the finest premium beard care and shaving products. To see their full range of products, visit their website:
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