I haven't been to London for aaaaaages. A trip down there is definitely overdue - there's a whole host of blogger baes in the UK's southern hemisphere that I wanna meet / squeeze / marry and of course; Peggy Porshen is calling my name with all its Insta aesthetic beauty. 

The last time I was in London was at an event I did with the Kardashians [well, only Khloe turned up like] and all the party shenanigans, dresses and celebs knocking about [big up to Simon from Blue - wot a top lad 😂] didn't even come close to the experience food-wise I had whilst I was there. 

All of those things are merely blurry memories in comparison to the food nostalgia I have of being there. These taste memories are vivid enough & beautiful enough to bring a tear to my eye. Food is everything to me rly - and there are so many places to eat out in our lovely capital city [as well as Nandos & Subway; the only other two places I can really remember eating in whilst there!] 

Dining out in London, SquareMeal | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

The food in question - the one culinary experience that'll always have a fond place in my heart & London memories - was served at Gilgamesh in Camden. I feel, after doing a cheeky lil Google of the situation, this heavenly restauarant / bar may have closed now... but my WORD it was an amazing place to dine. 

I'd never heard of Gilgamesh before; but it is / was [I'll be proper gutted if it's actually closed, like] a pan-Asian place, serving dim sum, sushi and cocktails [as well as plenty of other goodies, like what I was grazing on on this incredible day] in an elaborate Indian-chic setting with wood carvings and an open kitchen.

Literally, the interiors were UNREAL - the place was huge and its decor was so beautiful that it didn't feel real... it felt like you were in some kind of bloody fairytale - something which was enhanced further by how perfect the food was. I wish I had pics to show you, but this was like, 2012 or something, and my laptop I had at that time sorta set on fire and blew up. RIP.

Dining out in London, SquareMeal | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I had these wraps at Gilgamesh... they were just too nice to even explain. Like, my mouth is legit watering in memory RN. I don't even know what they were rly - they had duck or something similar inside them, I feel... and that was it. Life changed forever. Like, food THAT good. 

The cocktails, desserts and snacks they put out for us to devour during the event were all amazing & the memories of the couple of days we spent down there felt pretty much like a dream. It was all Christmassy & festive and we wandered through Covent Gardens... and had a late night wander down by the wheel / Embankment via McDonalds a few cocktails later!

Dining out in London, SquareMeal | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

As I'm not from London, I'm not familiar with where's good to eat - and I'd have never naturally known of restaurants / bars like Gilgamesh - or recommendations of places like this. That's why SquareMeal is such a great idea - click here to get searching their site with immediate effect.

This fab site allows you to search where to eat, meet and hold an event by type of venue & your location - it's perfect to use in London to help you navigate to the city's finest eateries if you're unfamiliar with what's what. 

If you find your own version of Gilgamesh - or indeed, the place itself when using this site; please do let me know!
*Collaborative post, but all opinions and stories told & expressed are very much my own xo
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