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by Nikki LLL Blog, November 09, 2018
Let's play a game.

Not like that sinister geezer from Saw wants to - I was thinking more along the lines of a bitta light-hearted fun, in the form of Never Have I Ever. Yeno, the drinking game they always play on Ibiza Weekender? Just without the booze [unless you're already sat with a glass in hand, in which case, I applaud & admire you in equal measure.]

1. Never Have I Ever... woken up, still absolutely hammered, singing Ariana Grande's 'Side to Side' on repeat. And now, just hearing it, makes me feel queasy in memory of said drunken dream? Okay, no I've totally done that.

2. Never Have I Ever... been caught sniffing a freshly bleached bin by a random passer-by on the street whilst yelling 'OOOOH YEAH that smells good.' Oh no wait, lol... I most definitely have. WOT IS MY LIFE PLS.

3. Never Have I Ever... got a tattoo I've really regretted & desperately wanted to get rid of / cover up with something a bit more fitting. Like when Sam Thompson off Made In Chelsea got Tiff's initials covered by that new feather design. Lololol.

Can't say I've done this one. Have you? Cos if the answer is yes, or you're sat silently downing your drink right now, this post is definitely one for you. I'm talking all about where to get laser tattoo removal in Central London today; with Pulse Light Clinic.

Where To Get Laser Tattoo Removal in Central London, Pulse Light Clinic
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It's become increasingly common to get tattoos removed these days - I knew a girl who had hers lasered off purely because it was on a visible part of her body & the airline she was applying for a job with would mark her down for having one. 

Whether you've simply outgrown your ink, need it removing for work purposes or want to redo the artwork into something more fitting, laser tattoo removal could be the answer. And if you're looking for a great quality, trusted clinic in London to get this treatment; keep reading.

Where To Get Laser Tattoo Removal in Central London, Pulse Light Clinic
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There are a fair few methods of tattoo removal available on the market these days - including treatments such as dermabrasion [scrubbing layers of the skin off], TCA [an acid treatment which removes layers of skin], excision [cutting the tattoo out, and which probably sounds the worst out of this list so far!] and of course laser tattoo removal; which uses laser energy to break down the ink into small particles that can then be absorbed by the body. 

Laser tattoo removal avoids damaging the skin but still removes the ink... unlike the other tattoo removal methods listed above! It's a much less painful treatment option, which gets to work considerably faster than other procedures - meaning you'll also need less sessions. It's effective on all colours of tattoo too; including those hard to shift greens & blues. Yaaaaas

Here's a few before & after pics of Pulse Light Clinic's successful removals - they're pretty incredible, tbf, and you can see how perfectly they prep the skin if you're looking to go for a cover-up or fresh design post removal.

Where To Get Laser Tattoo Removal in Central London, Pulse Light Clinic
Where To Get Laser Tattoo Removal in Central London, Pulse Light ClinicWhere To Get Laser Tattoo Removal in Central London, Pulse Light Clinic

How nice is that rose tattoo design on the second set of pics, btw? I want something like that inked on my hip. Pulse Light Clinic have two main clinics offering this amazing laser treatment, detailed below:

Oxford Street
5 Percy Street, London, W1T 1DG
https://citytattooremoval.com // 0207 205 4085

1st Floor, Peek House, 20 Eastcheap, London, EC3M 1EB
https://pulselightclinic.co.uk/tattoo-removal-london // 0207 523 5158

If you're in the area / able to travel there & have some ink you wanna banish from ya body, defo hit them up. The results from the Before & After gallery above are proof enough of how effective this treatment is... and if they weren't enough to convince ya, here's a couple of vids for you to get stuck into. I find this stuff so interesting, yeno.

Have you ever considered laser tattoo removal, or been inked with something you're totes embarrassed by now? 

Any 'I 💘 Mum' tattoos or horrific cartoon characters etched onto your bumcheeks you wanna declare, huns? My comments box is ready and willing to learn more, if you're game to admit!
*Sponsored post, all opinions expressed are my own xo
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