I wrote the other day about the evolving landscape of modern dating and the freedom that this brings about with it. Dedicated apps, niche websites & the use of technology to match people according to their preferences / desires [very literally, in some cases!] is big business - and a huge step forward for those in the dating game.

Similar to social media, modern dating connects likeminded individuals; allowing them to chat and explore shared interests. Whatever these areas of common ground may be! Since the explosion of the Fifty Shades franchise the other year, it seems that even we prudish Brits have become a bit more open to talking about what it is we're looking for in the bedroom department; with millions of women now seeking their very own 'Mr Grey.' 

The fetish dating scene has never been so [openly] popular... I have friends who are very much into it themselves; sharing some pretty raunchy details of their nights at parties, their latest conquests & some of the people they meet! Here's a few top tips on how to successfully locate your Mr Grey using online dating sites, staying safe, putting together your profile & finding the best candidates for the job!

1. A top tip to avoid attracting married or attached partners - arrange face-to-face meet-ups or unplanned late night phone calls on Friday or Saturday nights. Although that won't whittle out every single cheating spouse, it's a good place to start. No-one wants to be the other woman.

2. Update your dating profile with flattering photos - you dressed up for an event, a Halloween costume, ready for a night out, enjoying the sun etc. Avoid lingerie pics [yes, even on fetish dating sites!] as you'll be flooded with DM's from randy blokes who've just oogled your pics & not read the details of what you're looking for! Quality over quantity, hun.

3. Most blokes don't read profiles - so in this case, a photo is worth 1000 words. Even if you're posting on a specific fetish site [such as subs-and-doms.com], your photos should be classy & flattering; reflecting your lifestyle & hobbies with a big, welcoming smile.

4. Even if you're seeking the most filthy time of your life, be clever about it - think about your choice of wording carefully & avoid anything too sexy / rude... or again, as with the lingerie pics, you'll be flooded with DMs from total timewasters. Open-minded, adventurous, passionate are a few goodies... I won't list some of the more risqué adjectives, which are not.

5. Be picky & jib any potential applicant if their behaviour feels iffy - if something feels off, trust your gut & eliminate them from the shortlist. If their stories are inconsistent, they lie or things that they tell you don't quite add up; they can get in the sea. Trust is a big thing in all forms of dating - & is super important in terms of establishing boundaries & consent within more niche dating environments. You deserve more, hun.

What would your number one online dating tip be?
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