I’ve rambled on a fair bit these past few weeks [both on me blog & on Instagram] about how much fun I had recently arranging a stag do for one of my best mates… and all the naughtiness I have planned for a hen do I can’t wait to arrange in July. And then another one I’m planning for next Feb… preferably abroad. PASS ME THE SAMBUCA HUN!

Whilst I’m slightly bitter that none of these festivities are my hen do, I’m literally living my best life attending them all – and have found party planning is pretty much my dream occupation. From drinking games, to cute sentimental details – and from group activities to decoration; planning stag / hen dos is my JAM. 

If you’re planning a hen or stag do, I’m going to list a few ideas for group activities that’ll make the occasion an absolute BALL. And when it comes to having a ball on ya hen – and group activity days that everyone’ll enjoy, Essential Adventure have a whole heap of options. Meaning you can plan something everyone will love – even if the guest-list includes their grumpy great aunt & problematic mother-in-law!

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Group Activities for A Hen Do

1. Having a Spa Day
I must admit, when one of my friends said she wanted a spa day for her hen, I lolled a lot [one of our mates joked that we could instead literally take her for a day at a Spar shop before hauling her off to the pub] but in reality; this is a really lovely idea – and a fab way to relax & take the bride-to-be’s mind off all that wedding planning!

2. Take a Mini-Break
Whether you head to Wales or board the next flight to Marbs, a mini-break away with close friends is always fun – and a great way to make memories with each other. Try booking somewhere they’ve always wanted to go, somewhere with things to do / see that you know they’ll appreciate or somewhere with a sentimental tie to it for extra brownie points.

3. Go Camping
This one might not be to everyone’s taste – but a group chat in real life sat around a campfire with ya best pals & plentiful cider [under the sun] sounds pretty dreamy to me. The perfect way to relax and really take your mind off the struggles of busy day-to-day working life.

4. Book Cocktail Making Lessons
These look really fun – and have practical uses too; every group of friends needs that one person who can nail a Moscow Mule during pre-drinks. 

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5. Take Dance Classes
… even if you have no sense of rhythm! This – in a group of best pals & family – will be such a laugh… just imagine seeing Grandma gyrating to dubstep! And you can totes use some of your new found moves at the wedding. Creative first dance to upload to YouTube, anyone?

6. Play Drinking Games
Again, this sorta depends on who’s attending the hen – and I know not everyone drinks. But honestly, we had so much fun playing drinking games on the stag I planned recently. I made drinking bingo, we played card games and even had drinking Jenga; and we laughed so much it hurt. They don’t have to be expensive or intricate – and personalised games, such as bingo about the bride-to-be, can be quite sentimental / cute.

7. Get Pampered
Book a day at a salon – or crack open the bubbles & get the girls round yours for a session with a mobile stylist. A good gossip and a manicure, spray tan, makeover & curly blow will leave everyone attending feeling ready to take on the world!

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8. Get Physical
… no not like that, you filthy mare! Some people proper love being active don’t they? Hiking, rock climbing, adventure playgrounds, abseiling and all that. Depending on your group of friends, this might be a really fun activity for you all. Zorbing definitely has my attention!

9. See the Dream Boys
I mean, does this one really need much more explaining?! 

10. Solve a Murder Mystery
I WOULD LOVE TO DO THIS. Just saying. Murder Mystery days – or even those places where you have to solve a series clues to ‘breakout’ / escape look SO MUCH FUN; especially when attempted within a group of giggly hens!

Photo by ELEVATE from Pexels

Essential Adventure have the majority of these activities boxed firmly off on their website – making booking, arranging & attending your hen festivities a dream. Or a Dream Boy. Their group activities for hen dos in the north filter has me all kindsa inspired for my upcoming plans *rubs hands together in an evil mastermind type glee* *cough DREAM BOYS cough*

If you’re looking for inspo for an upcoming hen or stag do – defo check out their site. I’m tempted to book me & the girls onto some of these activity days regardless of if any of us are getting married any time soon… they just look so fun!

What hen or stag do activities have you enjoyed with friends? Which of these ideas would you like most on your celebrations?
*Sponsored post, but all opinions are totes my own xo
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