With the evolution of mobile dating apps, hook-up websites and other no-strings arrangements; there's no denying that the modern world of dating has changed dramatically in modern times - taking advantage of technology & social channels to evolve with the latest trends. 

What started with Lonely Hearts adverts in the back of the paper evolved to dating websites, which have now advanced to become mobile apps; where you can swipe, match, chat & whatever else tickles ya [perhaps literal?] pickle. 

Whatever you're looking for - the one, a new pal, a hook-up or something a bit steamier [no judgement here, huns] the modern world serves it. 

Even though Brits are still notoriously prudish when it comes to talking about sex, topics such as BDSM / subs & doms have become much more mainstream and talked about; thanks to the popularity of things such as the 50 Shades franchise. Which seemed to work to a] somewhat normalise what is [to many] a healthy way to explore their sexual fantasies with a consenting partner and b] unleash desires a lot of people didn't perhaps realise they had... the number of girls now openly seeking their 'Mr Grey' is a real testament to how popular these books & films have been.

With this new found freedom within what is a very new & constantly evolving digital dating environment though, it's just as important to talk about how to stay safe bdsm dating as it is about how much you're seeking your Christian Grey & his room of whips and chains 😂 So let's talk about that in this post. Here's just a few ideas on how you can stay safe in the modern world of adult dating, when using sites such as mybdsmhookups.com.

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1. Set clear boundaries & agree on them
Always agree what you are / aren't willing to participate in and 'safe words' ahead of your kinky session.

2. Always tell someone where you're going - leave an address, names and contact numbers accessible or with a trusted friend
Sounds boring, but believe me... the number of murder mysteries I've watched recently have me on super high alert with this one.

3. Use protection
Keep yourself safe in terms of your physical & mental wellbeing - this very much includes taking care of your sexual health. Condoms are a must - it's not just pregnancy you're protecting yourself from, at the end of the day. 

4. If something doesn't feel right, go with your gut
We're all familiar by now with the idea of catfishing... thanks to the very hot Max & Nev. And if you're a similar age to me, you'll have that inbuilt suspicion every parent instilled on their kids in the 90s / 00s that everyone online was a pedo and not to be trusted. So if something doesn't feel right - or raises a few red flags, trust that intuition.

5. And finally... to borrow the tagline used by gambling companies / charities... when the fun stops, stop.
Enjoy yourself, explore your sexuality, meet new people. But if it gets to a point where you feel uncomfortable, pressured or just that the bdsm scene isn't quite what you expected; stop.

What would you say is your number one tip to those dipping their toes into the online dating scene? How would you advise others to stay safe whilst enjoying themselves?
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