How gorgeous is this fab new collection from PAYOT, pls? 😍 

Thanks to events such as #SunAwarenessWeek last week, protecting our skin is something we're discussing more in conversations about health & wellbeing. It's so important to love & protect the skin you're in from sun damage.

French skincare brand PAYOT understand the struggle between needing to protect your skin from sun damage whilst also wanting a radiant golden glow; which is what spurred them on to design & develop their new, stunning Sunny collection of skincare. Each sun protectant product within this range helps us to maintain youthful, healthy skin whilst still exuding an exotic golden tan; achieved via the following three-step routine designed for men and women.

NEW! PAYOT's Sunny Skincare Collection, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Step One: Prepare

Moving straight from the bitter cold of winter into the warmer months can be somewhat overwhelming for the skin. To gently prepare your complexion for more sun exposure  - and to prevent unwanted signs of ageing, PAYOT have developed their tan priming foam; MAGIC MOUSSE À BRONZER - a soft & smooth milky cloud that progressively prepares the skin for tanning.

With it's beautifully lightweight foam formula, Magic Mousse smoothly glides across the skin. Its formula smooths the skin's texture leaving it more supple; and fully prepped to receive an even tan.  PAYOT recommends using this tan activator primer one month before sun exposure, applying once or twice a day to the face and body. 

NEW! PAYOT's Sunny Skincare Collection, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
Step Two: Protect

Protective care is undoubtedly the most important step of any sun care routine. In understanding the needs of different skin types, PAYOT has created a wide range of SPFs with multiple uses; to meet these demands. Each should be used before sun exposure – simply apply to the face and / or body & reapply frequently to maintain protection. 

NEW! PAYOT's Sunny Skincare Collection, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Formulated as two separate, incredibly protective textures; each of these products work on the complexion, protecting it against giveaway signs of aging. Soft, creamy & completely invisible upon application, these gorgeous creams are easy to use; protecting the skin as you tan. 

A fabulous tanning booster, Brume Lactée is a delicate refreshing mist; working to protect the face and body. Beautifully enriched with a tan-stimulating active ingredient, this lightweight veil is also available in travel-size; making it the perfect holiday companion. 

An original 2-in-1 body & hair protectant with a silky satin finish, Huile De Rêve is a protective dry oil that nourishes the skin, whilst protecting the hair from drying-out under the sun.

NEW! PAYOT's Sunny Skincare Collection, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Step Three: Prolong

It’s one thing being under the sun and healthily absorbing those UV rays... however, nourishing your skin following said sun exposure is where the difference between a good & bad tan comes into play! 

PAYOT have specially developed REFRESHING GELÉE COCO to ensure your tan is the former; which is a soothing after-sun tan prolonger that boasts a beautifully refreshing feel & scent. 

Enriched with coconut water extract to soothe & moisturise the skin following sun exposure, this lightweight gel gently melts into the skin to leave it beautifully soft. Simply apply generous amounts after every period of sun exposure to the face & body to see best results.

NEW! PAYOT's Sunny Skincare Collection, Lovelaughslipstick Blog
I love the idea behind this all-new PAYOT collection and its gorgeous packaging - it's proper giving me holiday vibes & getting me in the mood for a lil travel-spree! How about you? How do you keep your skin safe in the sun?
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