It's official: I've become properly heavily invested in home decor. I've stopped investing quite so much coin into Jagerbombs in favour of doing up my interiors and swapped stalking the clothing sections on web stores in favour of the home department. Instead of reading which Geordie Shore girl has fell out of a club and flashed the press this week, I'm learning about new interior trends & home accessories for the new season. 

Am I growing up?

I mean, probs not, but I'm enjoying this lil dabble I'm having when it comes to home decor & interior renovation nonetheless. Which is why I've taken to writing about this kinda stuff on my blog more these days. There's so much I'd love to do, so many interior & architecture trends I'm digging [lol okay I'm an official adult, I don't think I've ever said architecture in my life before now] and so many dream homes I have my eye on for when am not so disturbingly poor.

I want a proper penthouse yeno - a duplex of some form, with a gorgeous glass balcony and glass spiralling staircases; complete with beaut balustrades, LED mood lighting and sleek, minimal decorations. Probs a water feature or 12. A pool. And a hot tub. Pretty much the houses I made every time I played on The Sims. Casual. But a gal can dream xo

Square 1 Balustrade

My dream gaff would have lots of water [as you might have guessed], marble, glass and stacks of LIGHT throughout. A minimal, clear, relaxing interior packed full of light and with minimal clutter [we're talking some pure Marie Kondo situation here huns.] I do love city life, so I'd try and go for this serene dream within an urban sorta location... but failing that, a nice apartment on the coast would do me.

I enjoy nothing more when it comes to interior & architectural design than open, airy, glass features. Lots of white. Sleek, marble surfaces and striking stainless steel detailing; for a really clean, modern finish. I couldn't hack life in an old cottage or anything too vintage I don't think - I'm all about that modern city chic. And can't afford either right now. LOL. Jokes on me there. But I have dreams. Ambitions. And Pinterest boards to keep me going.

What do you guys think? What's your dream home scenario? For me, there's nothing more appealing than starting my day on a stunning glass Juliet balcony with a gorgeous mug of coffee... leaning over the side and sipping away on me caffeine fix, watching the city life bustle away below. A bit of music playing in the background, the sun rising, enough space on said balcony for me to have my laptop and a magazine and check my emails outside. A few plants. LED lights. Ambience. Possibly a lil BBQ in the corner; and definitely a hot tub.

And I'm ready to work my ass off for the rest of 2019 and well into 2020 to try and make this a reality!
*Sponsored post, but all home interior opinions, loves & experiences are totes legit & totes my own xo
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