The majority of global fashion weeks have now been and gone, showcasing all that is to come in Spring and Summer next year. Generally speaking, Spring & Summer are full of runways and shows with quite natural and barely-there makeup. The hair can be quite natural too, with anything super slick saved for Autumn / Winter showcases.

Recent shows have showcased a wide range of trends; showing off a really fun and unique energy. Here are some of the latest beauty trends to be looking out for; are there any that you are particularly excited to try?

Beauty Trends To Look Out For From The Catwalk

Express Yourself

The makeup at some of the shows we've seen recently really embrace being free, inspiring & just being yourself. Having quite formal makeup, such as a smokey eye is less popular; instead letting loose and going for a little bit of what you fancy is in. Look out for bright colours, freehand application & and even patterns on eyelids. Try going bold with your eye makeup with a bright colour, rather than a subtle nude shade.

Very Berry

You might think that hues of berry or plum are only for autumn or winter, but you can totes get away with them all year round tbh. These kinda shades sit really beautifully on a base of nude makeup; without it being too much or too over the top. And as the old saying goes, the darker the berry, the sweeter the fruit. So go dark and go big; on both your lips and nails.


For something a little more subtle, then according to, it is all about some regal nostalgia. If you are looking for something quite Princess Diana-like, with dewy skin and hair combs, then this is the trend for you. And you can’t forget about Vivienne Westwood and her penchant for some wild curls, which were evident but rather regal. A fan of the classic chignon? Then watch out for that being big for hair over the springtime. Is it the Markle sparkle? 

Big Brows

I think we can all be thankful that this trend is here to stay, for the time being anyway. Places like might have seen more people looking for fillers and implants in their face of late, but big brows are definitely still something that we want to be big as well. Many people are still pencilling them in, and there are so many products out there that make a difference. Microblading is another popular choice if you are looking for something a little more permanent. 


I love floral prints; all year round. Of course, floral hues and prints are big news in Spring / Summer [ground-breaking, some might say!] but for natural, pretty looks; you can defo take inspo from flower crowns and festival vibes the whole year through.
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