Since I went rogue, packed me job in and went self employed last year; there's certain things I have learned are of crucial importance when you're trying to create an online presence & develop a sense of professionalism & trust with potential clients. 

I personally am an example of what not to do really, as my business website has been very much put on the back burner... but yeno, I have this one. I'm talking more here about my experiences helping small businesses and start-ups develop their branding & online personas - many of whom have either not had websites at all initially, or had quite basic and difficult to use sites in need of some TLC.

Not only does having a sleek, professional website better define your services and give potential customers a more in-depth understanding of what it is you can offer them; but creating content with SEO in mind and using this online platform to [verbally and non-verbally] communicate your brand's values can also help boost that level of trust I mentioned earlier. In turn, increasing visits & conversions. 

This post in collaboration with - a great resource from which to purchase website designs which would suit most small businesses [regardless of industry.]

The Importance Of Websites In Business*

Silky Ocean Studios create beautiful sites for companies all over the world - they specialise in helping small businesses grow online; understanding that growing your company from the start isn't easy [preach it, sistah!] but managing your website should be. And judging by the number of clients I speak to who don't have websites purely because of how worried they are about not being technical enough to understand how to update them, I'd say this is key.

Their agency actually not only design & build your new responsive website design, but for a small monthly fee they'll host it for you, update it when needed and in turn help grow your business. Which when you're just starting up - or are incredibly busy - is a huge weight off your shoulders. Probably something I should have considered with my business website in hindsight... I've been that busy it's always been a low-priority task for me, but in reality, it's actually really important in getting me name out there. Oops.

Here's a few examples of client designs off the Silky Ocean Studios website so you can get a better idea of how their web design team can help your small business.

Lynda Mills Kitchens Silky Ocean Studios

I adore this project for Lynda Mills Kitchens. The clean and minimalistic design of the site - with the main focus being of their stunning product imagery works really well; leading to a sense of professionalism and trust. And me wanting to totally redeck out me kitchen with new swag.

Another website already on my radar - a brand I've actually worked with before [small world!] who've worked with Silky Ocean Studios are Ronny Colbie... I absolutely love the aesthetic appeal of their website & the striking contrast of images vs colour. A truly professional, stylish site I'd be proud to own myself.

Both designs being responsive, mobile-friendly and easy to use are again huge plus points in working with a company like Silky Ocean; things which those new to business or the online sector might not realise the importance of.

Ronnie Colbie Website Silky Ocean Studios Web Design For Small Business

I'm really impressed & a little bit in love with some of the website designs I've stalked whilst researching this post... makes me wanna kickstart my own business site and give this one a lil makeover, tbh! 

Would you agree that websites are important for small businesses?
*Collaborative post. For more information on what this means, please see my Disclaimer
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