We are a society that is addicted to 'hacks'. From giving our Ikea furniture a bespoke, expensive look to a swift upgrade of our autumn wardrobe to Marie Kondo-ing our sock drawers, we need these little moments that enable us to feel we're winning at life and getting a quick fix in a results-driven but ultimately time-poor world. Can this mentality be translated when it comes to our looks? Well, plenty of unscrupulous companies are hoping so - you know, the ones out there promising that their overpriced product is the holy grail that your beauty routine has been missing. 

Luckily for you, the real beauty hacks worth knowing can't be found on an Instagram feed being promoted by a reality star. These appearance upgrades work every time and won't leave you feeling conned. 

Get Your Wardrobe Tailored 

While owning a couture wardrobe stuffed with bespoke garments would be the dream for many, there's not much chance of that happening in reality for most of us. But what you can do is spend a little extra to significantly upgrade your look by finding a great seamstress who can alter your off-the-peg buys to fit your shape exactly. This often overlooked trick is the secret that stylists use to make their A-list clients look incredible even in high Street garments. It's a very worthwhile investment that can make you look slimmer and more polished instantly. 

Upgrade Your Smile 

They say that you're never fully dressed without one, and certainly a beautiful smile can make you look much more attractive. How far you want to go is very individual, but dental treatments have come a very long way since the days of overly large veneers. A good orthodontist can now perfect a natural looking smile makeover - using invisible braces to straight and correct gaps, white fibreglass to replace old metal amalgam fillings, and laser whitening to achieve a uniform colour. Even if you don't want to go down that route, home treatments are highly effective these days and can give you a much whiter smile from the comfort of your bathroom. 

Work On Your Posture

You can have the chicest, most flattering clothes in the world, but they won't look half as good if you don't work on your posture as well. Standing up straight is transformative for the way clothes fit and drape on your body, and posture can also change the way that other people relate to you, making them perceive you as more confident. It can also visually cheat dropping a dress size instantly - so lots of reasons to stand up straight! A posture training app can help you to be more mindful of how you're standing and help you to do exercises to strengthen your core. Just standing up straight engages so many more muscles it can give your fitness a boost too! If you really struggle, a posture brace can help you out to get started. It's a very small thing, but perfect posture can absolutely change the way you look and are perceived by others. 
*Collaborative post, for more information on what this means please see my Disclaimer.
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