Popular opinion dictates that you're not a fully fledged blogger until:

- You own something marble,
- You own at least one framed, motivational quote.

Obv I needed to rectify this situation, pronto. Call me cliché, but I do enjoy a good bit of marble, so when I discovered Coconut Lane's amazing range of stylish, so-blogger products [which have TONNES of marbley bits] I was on it like a car bonnet. I jumped at the chance to become a Coconut Queen as there isn't a single item in their store that I wouldn't want to make my own. Prepare yourself to feast your eyes on the pieces I chose.

Marble iPhone Case, £13.00*

I adore this case. It's slimline yet tough; ideal for protecting my phone once I've had one-too-many-Jagers on a Saturday night. It's so bloody Instagrammable that I can hardly cope. And I don't think that this is too bad of a price for a phone case either - I've seen marble phone cases sell for at least double this price, thanks to their popularity in the blogging community.

Messy Bun, Get Stuff Done A4 Wall Art, £6.00*

I've never seen a quote more relevant to my life than this. As soon as I get up, or get home from work, I throw my hair up into a messy, pineapple-esque bun and attempt to get sh*t done. I would hazard a guess that I spend at least 85% of my life sporting a messy bun and attempting to be productive. I've stood this print pride of place in my bedroom and I absolutely love it. It does come unframed hence the price, but I picked up this minimal black frame for a couple of quid on eBay for no trouble at all.

Gold Queen Crown Ring, £9.00* and Gold Minimal Knot Ring, £9.00*

How beautiful are these rings, please?! They make me weep with joy, they're so pretty. However, I DID take a slight gamble when ordering them, which sadly didn't pay off. Both rings were only available in size S/M at the time, which I assumed I would be okay with size-wise. However, it turns out that I must have giant, monstrous hands as they are both way too small for me and cut off circulation to my blatantly fat fingers when I try and wear them, haha. 

If you have more petite, dainty hands and usually take a small ring size [I'm probably more of a medium kinda gal] these will look incredible on you. If your fingers are more medium size, I would strongly suggest that you order in size M/L, as these styles defo come up small. This being said, I can just about wear these rings and will try to style them up as midi-rings instead, as it seems such a shame to never wear them.

Coconut Lane have definitely become one of my favourite online stores; I've ordered with them again since this original haul, due to how great their service is and how reasonably priced their wall art is too. Their stock makes such great gift ideas; my sister is going to HEART her Christmas presents this year! 

Overall I am made up with the pieces I picked out from Coconut Lane and hope you guys like them too. Remember, if there's anything you like on their site, you can order with 20% off using my code LOVELAUGHSLIPSTICK20 at the check-out :}


Have you shopped at Coconut Lane?

*I ordered these pieces with my Coconut Queen blogger discount for the purpose of review, but as ever, all opinions are my own. I wouldn't lie to you guys, as it's not big and it's not clever!
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