The Sun has had his hat on over the weekend [and I've loved every second of it] so I thought I would embrace this minor miracle and get involved with The Summer Tag. Let's go!

Question 1: What is the best part of summer time?

The sun shining, being able to wear summery clothes and not about 30,000 jumpers, tan, early sunrises, park days, beer gardens and memories of summers past.

Question 2: Do you tan or burn?

I've gone a bit pink here and there, but I don't really burn. I mostly tan - the pink eventually settles into a nice shade. I've only ever peeled once, which was when my holiday went wrong and I ended up in hospital for ages, unable to move or moisturise. RIP that amazing tan that noone got to see. *sob*

Question 3: Favourite summer nail polish?

I love wearing mint green and pastel shades in summer. You know, pinks, baby blues, aqua shades etc. I do also love a good white nail polish / a splash of neon, as they accentuate your tan nicely.

Question 4: Favourite summer drink / beverage?

Though this is basic / cliche blogger as hell of me, I adore a nice
Starbucks in the sun. Strolling through the city with your sunnies on, a tasty little Frappuccino in hand and catching some rays is a feeling like no other. Oh and a nice little strawberry cider in the pub is also beaut when the sun's shining.

Question 5: Favourite summer clothing item?

I LOVE it when my flip flops can come out of retirement, I can't lie. Sandals, little dresses for nights out and maxi dresses / skirts during the day, for cool yet somewhat covered chic. I got myself a pair of
Havianas this year and they're the most comfy flip flops I've ever had.

Question 6: Favourite current phone app during this summer?

I would ordinarily have said Instagram; as it has so many images that get me in the mood for sun and which inspire me to create different looks. And Twitter, too, obv. However, Summer 2016 has seen the release of Pokémon Go, and I now spend most of my life on that. Plus, it's an extra reason to get outdoors.

Question 7: Favourite summer movie?

I have to be honest, I don't spend much of my time in Summer watching movies. Anything cheesy, American and featuring road trips would probably rank highly, though.

Question 8: Favourite summer beauty product?

BB cream and Carmex. Oh and mattifying powder, to disguise the dreaded shine!

Question 9: Favourite summer activity?

BBQs, park days, road trips, beach days, nights out, foam parties and music festivals. Oh and beer garden sessions. So many memories and friends to be made!

Question 10: Favourite type of lip product for the summer time?

Tinted lip balms or my faithful Carmex, really. I also have a SPF lip balm [like the lads wear playing Cricket, haha] to protect my pout from burning. Not that it ever has.


What's your favourite thing about Summer? What are you looking forward to most about Summer 2016? Are you into Pokémon Go or are you cringing at hearing me talk about it so much?

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