I can't lie, I love MUA

I also can't lie - that one of the main reasons I love them so much is their insanely affordable price tags; bargains are like crack to me - I can't stop. 

But cheapness aside - I've got on really well with their products over the past couple of years and I've found the quality of them to be pretty good. Their colour correcting concealers, for example, I'm full on in love with. My under eye baggage is wayyyy above its allowance, and I've found that MUA's products actually help me reduce its appearance to look more like a human and less like a big ass panda.

I was off work last week for a few days, and during that time [aside from create insanely lengthy, rambling and filter inspired stories on my Snapchat {love_lippy is my username}] I also went a little wild online shopping. I've got no money whatsoever [so give it a week or two when I've ran out of cheese and I'll be fuming at myself] but at the time, it seemed like the right thing to do. 

I therefore did a little haul on MUA's website, which I'm going to share with you guys now as I proper love them. Everything's so cheap and although Superdrug do now stock MUA, they don't have everything; which means that I have to order my Pro Base Prime & Conceal pans online anyway [look at me, pure trying to justify my actions, haha] so it made sense to add some other items to my basket to keep them company. 

Romantic Efflorescence Palette, £4.00

The ABH Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette is everywhere at the moment - and my heart yearns for one. However, despite my heart desperately pining for one, my head is saying 'Nah lad, you're not made of money; get a grip.' So I decided as a commiseration prize, I'd buy myself a palette on the cheap from MUA; one which had as similar colours to the ABH one as possible. I've had eyeshadow palettes from MUA before and really liked them, so I have high hopes for this. Off first impressions, the eyeshadows do look really pigmented and I'm hoping I can rock a purpley smokey eye look as well as the lovely Leah from Devoted To Pink does!

Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Correcting Cream in Peach, £2 each

I've blogged about this stuff before - it's a staple within my daily makeup routine and will be for the foreseeable future! The magic behind colour correcting theory means that the peach tones work to brighten your skin; and my under eye baggage situation is so, SO much better after I've applied this cream to it I'd really recommend checking MUA's colour correcting products out, if you haven't already. The price difference between these and other similar products is amazing!

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers in Halcyon, Vivacity & Zest, £3.00 each

I heart a good matte lip. And to be honest, the packaging alone on these meant that there was no way they weren't ending up in my shopping basket - they're so bloody Instagrammable. I was pretty impressed on how matte these were when I swatched them - and how good the colour pay off on them looks to be, too. 

I'm still to wear these properly as part of a look, but I have high hopes for them. They don't seem too drying either, which is good - nowt worse than a crusty pout is there?! They also last for a long, long time and seem to be very water resistant - which is great when you're wearing them on your lips, but meant it was a literal NIGHTMARE to scrub these swatches off my arm!

Paint Box Lip Palette in Imperial Plums, £4.00

This was a full on impulse buy to be honest - I bought a lilac
MUA lipstick a few months ago for £1 [yassssss] and loved it; and after seeing Leah's lilac lip look on Snapchat a short while ago [lol I sound like I'm totally obsessed with the girl - I'm not a crazed stalker lunatic, if you read this Leah!] I wanted to give purple / lilac lips a go. I haven't tried any of these colours yet, but they look pretty interesting - so I'll let you know how I get on!


Have you tried any of these products before? What's your go-to MUA product? What product(s) do you use to successfully tame your under eye bags?

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