What's on my nails this week? Well, I'll tell you - even if you're not asking / remotely interested - hahaha. You may have read here about my £1 Primark manicure addiction, but this week, I went all out and got a slice of Shellac action in my life. So, seeing as this is one of the rarest occasions life holds, I thought I'd share my talons with you. Here are my #NailsOfTheDay.

After a lot of indecisiveness, I decided on nude Shellac; with a rose gold glitter [#ClicheBlogger] statement nail. I thought that these shades would go with pretty much anything I wear outfit wise, were pretty on point and would also look good in blog photos [seriously, who am I and what has my life become?!] But I love them. I love the simplicity of them, I love that if I can be arsed to fake tan this week it'll make the colour pure pop and I love that it hides the flaky depths of hell that are my natural nails. Me and my nail tech Jamie had a proper lol at how grim my actual nails are haha. Damn you, lack of Vitamin D & brittle bones!

I'd tell you the colours I went for so you could recreate this style, but I forgot to ask and didn't actually look - soz. I'll no doubt book back in at the salon I went to, as it was quite alright in there and the girls were lovely, so maybe I'll ask next time. Roll on the next couple of weeks, without having to worry about painting my nails! Hurrah!


What's on your nails at the moment? What colour are you going for next? Do you have any recommendations on what colour I should got for next, or any miracle products to salvage the sad state of affairs that are my flaky nails?

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