You may have seen in this post last week, that I have fallen hard for a brand new lux candle brand called Etta French. They sent me one of their beautiful jewellery candles* to coincide with their recent launch, which I constantly harp on about on Snapchat [love_lippy] and which features heavily on my Instagram, too. 

It's just so bloody Instagrammable, okay?! 

Anyway. Etta French make luxury candles, with such beautiful scents and packaging, they'll make you want to weep with joy [or is that just me? #AllTheFeels.] In my opinion, they sh*t all over Yankee Candle; in terms of giftability, affordability, burn time and fragrance. Plus the obvious advantage they have over other candles available in the UK - that they have a surprise piece of jewellery hidden inside them, which appears in a mysterious silver wrapper as the wax melts down.

I honestly have so much love for this candle that I could legit just type away mad ramblings about it all day. But I'll spare you that. For more information on the candle itself, the brand and the available fragrances, click here to read my earlier post. This post, guys, is about the surprise piece of jewellery from within my candle. The icing on the cake of the Etta French experience. That moment I discovered my surprise item, that moment I let out a pure shriek of excitement, probably sounding like I was being savagely murdered [soz neighbours.]

I really wasn't sure what to expect when I began to unwrap the packet. I knew that you could get rings, bracelets, necklaces, charms etc - and that all the photos I'd seen so far had been gorgeous, but what was I going to get? Would it be 'me'? Would the quality of the jewellery match up to the candle?

Well guys, the answer to everything above was a resounding 'yes.' I absolutely LOVE the jewellery I got within my candle - and judging by you guys' reaction on Snapchat, so do you!

Just look at it. It's so beautiful. All the mermaid vibes. I can't cope with it, really. It just blows me away every time I look at it. This is THE EXACT type of jewellery I adore - really minimal, dainty designs. And anything ocean themed is sure to rock my socks - I used to be OBSESSED with Ariel from The Little Mermaid as a kid, and this brought all those nostalgic feelings whooshing back. I heart my new necklace so, so much.

If you want a slice of the Etta French action, check out their website here >

Plus, for the whole of July, you can get 10% off using this code > ETTABLOGJUL16 

If you order one, let me know what piece of jewellery you get, and what fragrance you go for in the comments box below. I went for Bluebell - and I LOVE Pomegranate & Mint!! 

*This post contains items I was gifted for the purpose of review. As ever, all opinions are my own. I wouldn't lie to you guys - it's not big and it's not clever!

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