If you'd have told me [even just a couple of years ago] that the Kylie Jenner challenge would be a thing and that teenagers would head onto social media in order to suck into shot glasses and compare their results, I'd have called you a mentalist and done a big snort of laughter in your face [nicely.] 

However, such is the world we live in - this is now a thing [or it was, I think this mad craze has died down a bit now.] Thanks to
Kylie Jenner's luscious lips, thousands of women have had partaken in the lip challange, had lip fillers, splashed out on lip tattoos and mastered the art of over-lining their lips. I'd love to have lip fillers; they're ultimate goals. I've seen other bloggers have them and some of my friends too - I'm filled with pout envy, yous all look amazing. However, I'm extremely poor and also very unlucky; so knowing my luck, I'd end up spending my entire year's food budget on fillers and walking away looking like Pete Burns. #TroutPout

In light of this, when DEE&CO reached out to me to see if I'd like to work with them and review the Perfect Pout*, I jumped at the chance. DEE&CO specialise in bringing exclusive, fun beauty products over to the UK for us babein' Brits to try out. The Perfect Pout is a new lip enhancing device that is supposed to give you a naturally plumped, shaped and contoured pout. 

You may remember, I reviewed a similar product here a few months ago - however, unlike the cheap eBay knock off I used in this post, the PP comes in pretty packaging with instructions, is super pretty and feels a million times better when you're using it. It's a smooth, seamless shape and didn't cause me any discomfort at all when I was achieving suction. My experience with the PP was much better than the first time I tried a similar device - and the fact that I had briefly tried a similar product before  this meant I was even more excited to experiment with the one I was sent, knowing the results that these products can achieve when used properly.

How to use:

1. Apply lip salve to your lips [ I slathered on a load of Carmex pre-plump]
2. Position your Perfect Pout in the centre of your lips, drawing in short breaths so it locks firmly and draws your lips into the plumper
3. Once you have suction, leave on for 15-30 seconds and remove by breaking the suction with your finger
4. Repeat until the desired effect is obtained. Results may vary. All 3 sizes can be used to obtain different results [
Perfect Pout is available in three sizes.]
5. Apply your favourite lip liner and lip gloss.

Now for the exciting bit - the before and after shots! These results were obtained using the 'Medium Round' Perfect Pout; but they come in two other sizes, too




The difference is noticeable as hell - and the results from using the Perfect Pout were visible pretty much after the very first round of suction. It also lasted a fair while too; which meant I was prancing around, puckering up at my reflection in any reflective surface I passed by, haha! Using the Perfect Pout evened my lips up a fair bit too, which made me feel a lot more confident.

I'm really happy with my Perfect Pout and will definitely incorporate it into my makeup routine. It'll be amazing for night-out makeup looks [and the odd selfie, obv] and looks super cute in my makeup storage. Thanks DEE&CO - I'm loving channelling my Kylie Jenner vibes - here's to upping my selfie game!


If you're interested & want to find out more, check out Perfect Pout's Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

You can pick up a Perfect Pout of your very own from your nearest Arch Angelz bar; Brow, Nail and Style bars located within Debenhams UK & New Look UK stores. 

Have you ever tried anything like this before? What's your secret to a plump pout? Have you ever had / considered lip fillers?

*This post contains items I was gifted via DEE&CO for the purpose of review. As ever though, all opinions are my own - I wouldn't lie to you guys; it's not big and it's not clever!
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