If you wanna try out skincare products that perform as fantastically as they look, Vichy is the one. Some of their products - such as Normaderm, their Dermablend Foundation and their Clay Face Masks [which are legit life changing] have altered the course of my life and skincare regime forever. Especially if you suffer from oily skin, like me. My fod and tzone just live to show me up in front of other humans; shining bright like a diamond at every chance they get. But Vichy and my new found favourite setting spray help manage this oil-slick situation for me - and I'm eternally grateful for that.

I've been trying out this newly released product from Vichy for the last couple of weeks, and naturally want to share how frigging amazing it is with you guys. Not only is it insanely Instagrammable [packaging & branding goals, anyone?!] it's also a total game changer when it comes to youthful looking skin. And this is coming from me - I'm pretty much a walking fossil!

This [as well as being my new bae] is Vichy's Idéalia Peeling* Radiance Activating NIGHT Peeling Care Liquid, rrp £30. It's designed for those with a fast paced lifestyle [literally me] looking for a boost for their dull skin. Its amazing blend of powerful active ingredients rejuvenate the skin overnight, revealing a natural, radiant glow in the morning. Meaning that no matter how late I stay up watching trashy TV - or how last minute I get up in time for work - my skin always looks dewy, refreshed and youthful. 

It 100% works - my skin looks like it's been on a pure Spa day secretly during the night when I wake up in the morning. My skin tone is so much more even for having been using Idéalia Peeling - and my skin looks so, so much younger. I wouldn't have ever said that my skin was too bad [minus the oil sitch] - but boy can I tell the difference when I've used this Peeling Treatment. AND IT SMELLS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE.

Idéalia Peeling is a targeted night treatment that combines antioxidant blueberry polyphenol with fermented black tea; to give your skin a daily supplement of energy. It has been clinically proven to transform dull, exhausted skin; whilst smoothing out fine lines and evening out your skin tone.

Enriched with soft peeling and natural active extracts, it's designed to work while you sleep, reactivating your natural glow and leaving your skin feeling refreshed and refined. And it's suitable for even the most sensitive skin - with a light, liquid formula which isn't oily or tacky at all; it's just like pretty purple water.

Application : After cleansing your skin, apply a few drops of Idéalia Peeling to a cotton pad and spread the product evenly across your face. There's no need to rinse it off - you sleep with it on, in order to wake up to the best possible results. Vichy recommend that you follow this up with Idéalia Night, but I don't have this; so if you don't either, you're fine to just use a standard serum or moisturiser with it [should you feel you need to. I normally don't bother, as this stuff does everything I feel my skin could ever want / need.]

Vichy also recommend that you use an SPF 15+ the next morning after using Idélia Peeling - such as their Idéalia BB or Slow-Âge. I've been using just a run of-the-mill BB cream of a morning at the moment, which has an inbuilt SPF 15 in it [think mine's from Garnier?] - but I'll look into the Vichy BB options come the warmer weather, in order to protect my skin.

This is one of those ranges you totally need to try - I can vouch for the fact it 100% works and frigging hell, it smells so good that I just wanna eat it! [Not advisable - please don't do this, guys!] #DontHide, Glow - embrace your skin's natural radiance this Spring with Vichy Idéalia Peeling - I promise you won't regret it. In the slightest. Ever.

You can buy Vichy's range at Boots, Lookfantastic, Feelunique and Escentual; to name just a few verified vendors. I'm big into shopping for my Vichy goodies at Boots [all bout dem Advantage Card Points] but I've actually found Idéalia Peeling reduced at Lookfantastic; so head there if you wanna save yourself a cheeky tenner!

What's your favourite Vichy product? Got any recommendations for me? Have you tried any of their amazing new Idéalia range yet?

*This post contains items I was gifted for the purpose of review. As ever though, all opinions are totes my own and 100% not lies
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