Hair may technically be dead, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to look after it. Something I totes need to start doing 😂 When it comes to hair, everyone is different, but following these five tips should lead to an improvement in its general health. Which, after about 234 boxes of bleach, mine defo needs!

1. Change Up Your Products

You may use the same products that your friends or family members use -purely because it’s simple to do so. If you’re not a huge fan of using hundreds of different hair products, simply changing which shampoo and conditioner you use could make a big difference. Every brand of hair product will work differently, so it’s good to experiment and to find one that works best for you. That product may be organic, it could be packed full of ingredients, or it might be that you switch in and out of multiple brands that you feel work well on your hair.

2. Don’t Wash It Too Often

For those with very little free time on their hands, dry shampoo can be a godsend. You need to be careful though that you are not overusing it, because it will strip some of the nutrients from your hair. It’s also good to wash your hair less often because washing it every day is going to cause problems to the health of your hair. Three times a week is enough, and if you find it’s getting a little greasy, you can always style it out with hair bins or a hairband.

3. Get A Heat Protective Spray

Heat protection is crucial to your hair to prevent any breakages and to keep it looking glossy and hydrated. When you’re applying heat directly onto your hair, it’s going to burn the hair follicles if you don’t have a good heat protective spray on it before. You should also be spraying this when under direct sunlight, so when summer is in full swing, you should ideally have a bottle of this in your bag on the go.

4. Invest In The Proper Tools

It can be hard to keep up with the beauty industry nowadays, and you can slip into the rabbit hole of buying a gazillion different hair brushes and hair tools that end up either not being used or useless for your hair type. Anyone who styles their hair will need a good hair dryer and either curling tongs and/or straighteners. Invest in a decent one because they can cause a lot of damage to both your hair and home if it’s been cheaply manufactured. Research the right hairbrushes and combs for your own hair because it may be different for your hair type. You may also find these hair rejuvenation articles handy if you need more help to make a difference to the quality of your hair. 

5. Go To The Salon Regularly 

And finally, as expensive as it might be, get yourself to a salon regularly. If you want to encourage hair growth, it’s important to get it trimmed to cut off any dead ends. Even if you’re not fussed about growing your hair, a haircut can really help improve the appearance of your hair overall.

Are these hair care tips you've considered or tried before? What would you suggest when it comes to keeping hair healthy?
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