As someone who is constantly putting together bits of graphics, designs, branding & creating logos, I'm always on the look out for new websites & pieces of software to inspire me, those which bring new things to the table & those which are easy to use. A big part of my job these days involves creativity & designing stuff [which I love]  - I've created branding, logos & ebooks for several clients now. And it's rapidly overtaken my love for writing; which I wasn't expecting but am fully embracing.

You don't have to pay a small fortune to get access to some of programs, software or apps to help you with design ideas and you don't need to go back to uni or train up for a qualification... these fab resources are online, often free, reasonably priced and are properly intuitive for the user to pick-up. And can produce professional looking, gorgeous graphics & imagery when used effectively. 

I'm a huge advocate of sites like Canva [actual bae] and Photopea [free online Photoshop basically] - and another useful one I've discovered recently is; which I wanted to share with you absolute worldies in today's post. So grab a brew & 15,000 biscuits [Chocolate Digestives are like my new version of crack atm] & get settled to have a lil read. If you want like. No pressure.

Online Design Resources | Monogram Maker Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Monogram Maker is dead easy to use and can be utilised for numerous designs or projects. This website allows you to create digital monogram designs; which you could use as logos, as branding, on websites, merch, social media channels, your blog etc. Similarly to Photoshop, the software uses the idea of layers; and their quick editor allows you to choose fonts, positioning, sizing, backgrounds, colour, frames etc with a click of a button & a dashing of creative flair.

Begin by typing your letters into the generator [which can be initials or short words; you can create designs using 1-15 characters] before choosing a font, frame & going through the other available options to tweak and enhance to your heart's content... before exporting your final monogram design. You can use it to create monograms / small logos for:

- Blogs
- Wedding stationery
- Business logos
- Clothing monogram designs
- Merch
- ... and pretty much any other use you can think of, tbh!

I've bookmarked this site on me browser, as I have surprisingly become a bit of a design nerd in my old age and LOVE playing about with tools like this. Especially when they're free as well! For even more designs & flexibility, visit Monogram Maker's sister site Design Bundles to purchase over 1000 additional monogram fonts & frames; really taking your design(s) to the next level.

Have you tried Monogram Maker or any similar sites before? Would you find this online tool useful - and if so, what would you use it for? I'd love to hear more in the comments box below. And, as always, if you do have any questions about blogging or digital resources, you can always ask away - I'm happy to help where I can. HASHTAG GOOD EGG
*Collaborative post, but all opinions are totes legit & my own. For more information on what this means, please visit my Disclaimer
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