I never thought I'd become this person, but here we go. 

I'll freely hold my hands up & admit I've started spending more time than I thought I ever would looking at home decor pins on Pinterest... as well as [even more shockingly] considering spending my [rare] spare ££ on home furnishings & cleaning products rather than Glenn's Vodka and £5 entry into Popworld on a Saturday night. Am I okay? Dunno. But here we are. 

Here's a few of the home interior trends, looks & ideas I am all about and need in & around me gaff immediately. 

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Marble Eeeeeeer-thang

I mean, this obsession isn't exactly a new thing... or that unique of one [I think every blogger in the world owns at least 23 marble items & hashtags #marble #homegoals in their Insta snaps, right? 🙋] but for real. A fully kitted out marble bathroom & stunningly sleek, minimal marble worktops in the kitchen would make my [albeit basic bitch] home interior dreams come true. 

This trend just looks so stylish & luxurious, right? I'd love to swap out my marble accessories, candle holders & roll-up backdrops for the real thing. Imagine the pics for the 'Gram

If you seriously dig this interior trend - and you're not quite as broke as me / are looking to make some home improvements in the foreseeable future - The Marble Store [as you may have guessed by their name!] manufacture and design bespoke marble worktops that are ideal for the home... and  which are properly fit too. Makin' ma interior dreams a reality. Check them out for some inspo & to get the wheels in motion in making your marble countertops a reality.

Copper Frames / Slogan Quotes Eeeeeeeery-where [does that work, or?!]

Imagine a home of rose gold & marble. Just imagine. Imagine the money you could make from all the influencers queuing to take pics in your Instagrammable interiors too! That is my dream

I'm really digging those Desenio prints that all the bloggers more successful than me are representing at the moment - I love pure minimal, white & black prints and designs; and these adorning crisp white walls in minimal copper frames would float my boat to da MAX.

Source: Pinterest | Article link

Huge Fluffy Rugs

FAUX fur, obv. I just love sleek, minimal worktops combined with laminate flooring and big fluffy rugs to burrow your toes into. I think I quite dig textures after reading that back, tbh. A cleaning dream too, given the amount of drinks I spill vs the absorbency of carpet vs laminate.

A Dramatic AF Bed Frame

You know, like those huge grey velour, diamanté studded beds with the headboards that all the influencers have? One of them please. Possibly two, so I have a back-up bed for any spontaneous naps I may or may not have throughout the day, in my life as a self-employed human. 

Fluffy Footstools

Okay, so my aesthetic is fluff; evidently. But I just love those pink, fluffy footstools parked up at dressing tables across Insta feeds of the world.

HUGE Light Up Mirrors 

Now, I'm sorta half-way there with this one after I discovered stick on bulbs via Amazon and pimped my dresser mirror... but my end goal / absolute dream is even bigger. Brighter. Bulbier. Like, a whole walk-in wardrobe, beauty room situation. You feel me?

What are your favourite home interior trends? Do you have the same taste as me? What are your thoughts on marble; love it or hate it?
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