I love fashion. I love shopping in clothing departments like a madman every bit as much as I love going pure rogue in the makeup aisles... and almost as much as I adore perusing the 'Whoops!' bit in Asda

It might not look like it most of the time - I'm aware I look a bit like a smackhead, but honestly... if money was no object, I'd be unstoppable; splurging both online and in store. Though I typically find more online that I like these days.

The absolute dream would be for me to be more involved in fashion - I've had years of experience working in fashion retail and absolutely loved every second of it... and now I've gone full #girlboss and dipped ma toes into the world of self-employed life, these two things combined make me consider wanting to start my own lil fashion boutique business. But where can you get stock that's profitable? Apart from sites like AliExpress and [as I discovered in my Expectation vs Reality series a few years back] that's not at all viable.

From sizing, to quality, to looking like something from a porno; AliExpress and the eBay type shops that sell stock sourced from these kinda retailers are not the one. BUT I've been doing a bit of digging on this topic and have found a lil site based in the UK who look properly good when it comes to buying in stock wholesale. 

Wholesale clothing for women in the UK, J5 Fashion | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Wholesale clothing for women in the UK

A lot of gals - including people I know, have started up their own online fashion boutiques... and I applaud and envy them in equal measure. It's a dream - and if you get your stock & suppliers right, things can really take off fast. After all, brands such as Boohoo, Quiz, Nasty Gal, In The Style etc all started off & no doubt still use this same business model with their online stores. My lovely friend Hannah for example, has her own store Rubino Roo and I love her stock package.

As mentioned above, I would totally swerve some of the super-cheap, too-good-to-be-true online stores when it comes to sourcing stock... as you literally have no idea whether what's gonna turn up is gonna be fit or wildly, unexplicably sh*t. AM TALKING ABOUT YOU, ALIEXPRESS & EBAY. BUT if you're looking for Wholesale clothing for women in the UK, J5 Fashion - who are based in Manchester [woohoo, ma home boiz] look like a great shout; with a wide range of on-point fashion pieces that'd no doubt sell well in a boutique-style venture.

I love the fact that the stock on their site - especially some of the footwear - is stuff I'd actually wear, and admire on Instagram baddies' feeds... I've scrolled & ordered cheap clothing stock for hours on Chinese wholesale sites before and not a single bit has been remotely nice / on-trend, but there's actually quite a few pieces I can envisage would look fab as part of a stock package.

I have so many ideas, plans and dreams when it comes to my own business and different ways I can hustle my ass off to become anything other than insanely skint - and selling online, fashion & current trends are a huge part of this. I've bookmarked J5 Fashion and I'm feeling super inspired right now - is this something you've ever dreamt of, attempted or succeeded with?
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