You may have read about my experience getting subtle lip filler recently - it's something that's helped boost my confidence so much and makes me feel so much better about the general state of my face. I'll definitely be revisiting for another appointment soon. 

I've been keeping up-to-date re: the world of aesthetics and in terms of the latest treatments & procedures on the market recently - I find it fascinating and so clever what can be achieved these days with a little filler; in the right hands. Which leads me on nicely to the topic of today's post -  which combines my new interest in the world of aesthetics with a procedure I've had myself... and Korean beauty trends [which are always proper one-step ahead].

Introducing 'Cherry Lips’ anti-aging lip fillers, courtesy of Dr Nina Bal.

Dr Nina Bal Introduces ‘Cherry Lips’ Filler Enhancement -  Korea’s Biggest Lip Filler Trend Comes To The UK

The fullness and plumpness of your lips can really take a hit over Summer. The skin that makes up your pout is comparatively thinner than that on the rest of your face; meaning that your smile can be affected quickly by sun damage, causing dryness, damaged skin & chapping.

Enter the latest beauty treatment to take Korea by storm - anti-aging lip filler, also known as 'Cherry Lips'... now available in the UK at Dr Nina Bal's aesthetic clinic This very intriguing sounding treatment works to enhance and hydrate the appearance of the lips [something which I definitely need]; as well as giving ya pout a cherry-like aesthetic, adding more dimension & subtle volume.

How much does it differ from your traditional lip filler, I hear you ask? I'll tell you huns. Cherry Lips main focus is to fill in the middle area, rather than an all-over plumpening effect. Dr Nina uses a light viscosity hyaluronic acid filler such as [Restylane Kysse or Juvederm Volbella] to carefully create a defined and more youthful lip. She says: “We create ‘Cherry Lips’ by adding filler just on the middle part of the upper & lower lip - instead of all across the lips... so if you imagine two cherries laying horizontally one next to each other and there you have cherry lips!”

Dr Nina Bal Introduces ‘Cherry Lips’ Filler Enhancement -  Korea’s Biggest Lip Filler Trend Comes To The UK*

Not only does this latest lip filler trend give a more youthful appearance, but its results are typically more natural-looking than a traditional all-over lip enhancement; as the outer corners of the lips aren't worked on, making the results beautifully subtle. This treatment is suitable for anyone concerned about the effects of aging on the lips - and particularly those with a round or heart - shaped face.

You may recognise Dr Nina from E4's hit TV series "Bodyfixers"where she took the spotlight as the show's leading cosmetic dentist. Dr Nina specialises in Facial Sculpting; abiding by the Golden Ratio of Beauty [the mathematical symmetry algorithm that underlies our perception of attractiveness] she can transform a face aesthetically within minutes.

Dr Nina’s services include restorative cosmetic dentistry, facial aesthetic treatments, aesthetic medicine, non-surgical cosmetic procedures and non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments. What a babe. Sign me up for all, pls!
*Collaborative post, see my Disclaimer to learn more
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