I've wanted lip filler for proper years. As I've aged, my face has changed shape & my lips have too; as a result of this. Although they've always been alright & I've never hated them, their changing appearance and loss of symmetry was something that bothered me. Namely on me top lip - the area I feel most gals seem to have beef with.

So when I was offered the chance to have a consultation & treatment to address these concerns at White Swan Aesthetics in Wimbledon, I jumped like no other at the opportunity. One big thing that had help me back from enquiring about these treatments before was worrying about how legit, professional & qualified the practitioners administering filler locally actually are... something I didn't have to worry about with White Swan

White Swan's doctors are each insanely qualified in what they do - and picking out a clinic you can trust, with good reviews & recommendations was very important to me when even debating the lip filler path. I knew I'd feel comfortable having my treatment done there - with doctors I'd done my research on, in a highly recommended clinic; so I hopped on dat coach down to London asap to see the sights & boost my confidence with a treatment I really wanted and fuller, more symmetrical lips.

What's It Like Getting Lip Filler? | Subtle Lip Enhancements at White Swan Aesthetics* | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

My treatment was performed by Dr Charlotte D'Souza; who's an absolute babe and very reassuring, understanding & professional. My questions were answered, I felt confident she understood my concerns and knew she had interpreted my requests for a 'natural, more symmetrical look' and 'to bring my top lip back from the dead' perfectly. 

We ran through the risks, complications and the ins & outs of the process whilst the numbing cream was taking effect on my mouth area [which is a mad feeling, haha!] Some of the risks & possible complications sounded pretty scary; which further validated my decision to have this treatment done at a professional clinic with an experienced member of staff, rather than with Chantelle with her knock-off needles down the local hairdressers. I knew that if the worst was to happen, Dr Charlotte and White Swan would be able to manage these complications and take proper care of me; which is super important & worth paying the extra for.

Dr Charlotte also explained that White Swan offer a follow-up consultation / check-in a couple of weeks after your treatment, where you can come in to discuss the results and any concerns you might have - and so your practitioner can examine you to check everything's healing as it should be. Which not many other clinics do, and really shows the next-level of care / after-care White Swan offer their patients.

What's It Like Getting Lip Filler? | Subtle Lip Enhancements at White Swan Aesthetics* | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

The injections themselves were stingy in places. I didn't expect that, after seeing social media stars like Chloe Ferry casually filming herself as she's having hers done like it's a walk in the park. But be aware huns - it does hurt. The pain isn't unbearable and the numbing cream definitely helped - but my top lip STUNG. Especially on the border. Dr Charlotte advised me that it would be uncomfortable before we began the process - and I'm super glad that she did & didn't gloss over that fact. Keeping it real is super important to me, and I appreciated her transparency & professionalism LOTS.

That being said, pain-wise I hardly felt anything in my bottom lip; as it's naturally plumper. It turns out that lip fillers are one of the most painful kinds to have due to the sensitivity of the area and there not being much flesh behind ya pout to counteract it. WHICH NOONE TELLS YOU on Insta, do they?! But thankfully, my doctor did.

Anyway. There was very little blood, zero bruising and not much swelling when I was done... and as soon as I saw the results in the mirror, I knew I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. No pain, no downtime - I just had to avoid touching my lips, sweating on them or washing them for 24 hours to minimise my risk of infection. And I bought myself some Arnica gel in Boots that morning to deal with any bruising I might have had - but Dr Charlotte was so good with her placement that I literally didn't have a single bruise and was able to show off my new lips straight away.

What's It Like Getting Lip Filler? | Subtle Lip Enhancements at White Swan Aesthetics* | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I can't imagine what life was like before my lip filler now - although I opted for a subtle effect, the difference it's made to my self-confidence and how I perceive my face is HUGE. And that pain I whinged about? Honestly worth every second and something I'd do again tomorrow if you asked me.

I definitely want more filler now - I'm addicted to the results & the little boost it's given me confidence wise is honestly priceless. These results will last 6-9 months... so you know where I'll be going again later this year for more #LoyalToWhiteSwan

I'd 1 million percent recommend White Swan to anyone looking into filler treatments - please do your research and choose reputable practitioners if you're looking into getting your lips done; it's honestly not worth taking the gamble with your health or your face & trying to get a special offer done on the cheap. 

Places like White Swan & their team of professionals will support you before, during & after your treatment; with fantastic results and a minimal chance of complication due to their levels of experience. I can vouch for that.

Have you ever had an aesthetic treatment before? Would you get your lips done?
*Complimentary treatment gifted in exchange for this write-up. All opinions are totes legit & my own tho xo
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