I'm broke huns. Properly poor. But what's new 😂 I've massively overspent on Jagerbombs and McDonald's over the past few weeks [zero regrets] so my 'new makeup funds' have been depleted. For at least for the foreseeable future; if not for all of time

Here's a lil wishlist of some of the goodies I'd splurge on from Cult Beauty if I wasn't brassic AF. Picks I either love but wouldn't ever feel able to justify paying those prices for [unless my gambling efforts paid off & I came into some actual moola] and others which I'm hoping, one day, I'll be able to treat myself to. 

Current Cult Beauty Crushes, Lovelaughslipstick Blog Wishlist

Hahaha yeah - so that pricetag means this is one I'm highly unlikely to ever actually own... but just look at those shades. Do I need another eyeshadow palette? No I certainly bloody don't, hun. But those shimmers & purpley-pinks have lured me in.

Yeah, bit pricey I know - but legit, this stuff is amazing and my hair desperately needs some TLC after all the bleaching action it's had in recent years. Worth the investment if it heals my knackered hair follicles. The last time I had an Olaplex treatment at the hair salon, my hair felt like someone else's & it proper relished the experience. And this way, I can treat it at home; meaning the time outside of pjs is minimal.

[I know, daylight robbery at them prices but AM WEAK]

I adore this new range from our queen Tilbs. Expensive AF, I know; but I know I can rely on Tilbs to produce high quality, long-lasting beauty products that'll look insanely gorgeous on my dresser. The lip products I own from her older collections are pretty much the ones I reach for every day of my existence - and Patsy Red, Dancefloor Princess, JK Magic, In Love With Olivia, Glowing Jen & Carina's Star have turned me head in a big way.

Again, pretty steep price for a setting powder, but I recently bought the mini version on offer at Feel Unique and I'm really, really impressed with it and the flawless finish it gives - especially under the eyes. I picked up shade Translucent & she's a 10/10-would-bang level of babe.

I love this stuff - I had a small sample of it from the Beauty Blender x TooFaced collab sets they released at Cult the other year and was devoed when it ran out. Primer has become one of my most purchased beauty products, and I'm not mad about it.

I mean - there is no way in sweet mother of hell I would ever consider paying £39 for 4 eyeshadows ordinarily... but Tilbs you sly devil... this palette almost tempts me to do the unthinkable and splurge. It's so beautiful, and all the tutorials I've seen of people using it in their looks just look too shimmery & dreamy for me to not crave it.

I feel I can safely say I'll never be buying myself this cos £30 for one blusher is just insanity. Even on a shopping addict's [me] watch. But I do love NARS Orgasm and this gorgeous limited edition packaging means I'll definitely be admiring this lil worldie from afar.

I've wanted the full-size version of this palette since the dawn of time, but obv at that price, it wasn't gonna happen for me. However, this mini is much more in-line with my [lack of] budget and looks abso gorgeous - definitely one I'd like to add to me basket & face asap.

Are any of these products on your wishlist? Anything else you'd add to the line-up, or recommend I try?
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