It's that time of year again. Those specific few weeks where single pringles everywhere begin to feel that they're missing out on something huge by not being in a relationship over Christmas. The whole 'feeling like you need to get a seasonal boyfriend / girlfriend for snuggles over Xmas & cute walks together on those cold, crisp Sunday mornings' kinda thing. I'm sure you've all either felt like this at one point or perhaps heard a mate say it to you in passing. 

I really love my personal space & I've become less and less of a 'snuggler' as I've aged; so this kinda sh*z really doesn't bother me. Although I can kinda understand why others may feel the need for a seasonal bae - as there are a number of cute, sentimental occasions back-to-back around Christmas that happy / much nicer humans than me enjoy. 

This blog post aims to remind you that if you're feeling this way - and a seasonal bae is all that you crave you're a] defo not alone but b] possibly getting a bit carried away with the moment, as many other potential singletons can be arse-bandits. Here's a few reasons to remind you that if you're single or dating [non-exclusively] over Christmas it's not all that bad. At all. 

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1. One of the first obv plus points I can think of in terms of swerving a seasonal bae is that you don't have to waste any of your precious Jager money on them by getting them a present. 

Yeah you might think you want one for snuggles and Instagrammable snow photos in your matching couple jumpers... but it's very similar to getting a pet that you haven't thought through properly. Which will inevitably sh*t on the carpet and fill you with a worse sense of regret than when you left that dress in your size behind in the TopShop sale, before realising you were secretly in love with it, but now it's gone and sold out everywhere.

2. Those cold romantic walks are actually sh*tting FREEZING and you'll spend your time wishing you were at home binging on the Hollyoaks marathon in yer big pants and blanket in a matter of seconds. The majority of your time will be spent trying to avoid slipping over on your arse on sneaky black ice and swerving the hidden menace that is dog poo under fallen leaves.

3. Going back to the Christmas Present thing, not only does this potench cost you money you might not have / resent spending on your seasonal snuggle buddy, this part of things can get super awks. Like that Valentine's where bae got me a pure romantic card & professed his love, but I wasn't there yet and got him a card with some horses on.

What, realistically, are you going to buy them? Are you going to have a conversation about it? Do you know them well enough to buy them something they'll actually like / tolerate? What if he doesn't get you anything, just assumes his snuggling technique is a gift enough in itself? What if you're not that keen but he's thinking outside the seasonal bae box and buys you 50 red roses and a puppy; when you've got him a Borat mankini and a bit of cheese?

4. A seasonal bae - no matter how much you polish this festive turd - isn't necessarily someone you see yourself going the full mile with, are they? If you're adopting one purely for Xmas then, yeno, they're not likely to be the one. What if you end up hating them, but they become like madly besotted with you, and it becomes dead 'ard to bin them off before Valentines? Gotta think this one through gals - hey, before you know it, it'll be Steak & BJ Day - you've gotta try and get rid of them before that!

5. Snuggling is guys, somewhat overrated. Get yourself a raging great pregnancy pillow off eBay and a classic fleecy onesie and you'll be toasty AF. All this whilst still being able to starfish the bed; without some cockwomble stealing the duvet in the middle of the night - or waking you up with colossal farts!

All my misery and cynicism aside, dating and meeting new people is an extremely fun activity; enjoyed by those of all ages, sexual orientations or genders. The power of online dating has full on changed the way we meet others - meaning that things such as senior dating have been revolutionised forever & improved tenfold for the elderly; without them perhaps being aware of it. 

Just remember, a bae should be for life [sometimes / maybe ... you don't wanna come off too keen and sometimes they're total gobsh*tes] and not just for Christmas... so don't feel pressurised to settle with one just because you feel it'd be nice / for the sake of it. Because you know what else's nice? Cake, prosecco, twerking with the girls like a madman possessed or rolling yourself up in the duvet like a big toasty cinnamon bun... not having to cope with someone else's dirty undies splayed across your floor or feigning a smile at that truly sh*t pressie they got you from the 'Whoops!' aisle in Asda. That.

Have you ever got yourself a partner purely for Christmas Cuddles? Do you relate to anything in this post?
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