Despite still being pretty house-bound [and bitter AF about this fact] I cannot deny the imminent arrival of NYE; which is defo one of my favourite celebrations of the year [despite how much my plans for NYE itself have gone to absolute sh*t over the last few years.] It  should be a time to share a magical evening with loved ones [even if you decide to keep the celebrations on a very small scale, like on yer own with your cat] whilst also possibly contemplating about resolutions for the year ahead. Over about 35 Jågerbombs; with the girls at an overpacked bar in town.
Whether you’re hitting a club, attending a firework display or hosting a house party [if so, pls invite me] - it doesn’t matter. Looking the part for the big countdown is all part of the fun, and even the winter weather shouldn’t stop you. Like legit, I've been out clubbing in the snow in heels and a teensy bodycon before cos YOLO. Here’s a quick checklist to give you a bit of inspo.

Starting With The Shoes
Many of us find that the natural routine in putting together your NYE outfit revolves around choosing shoes to match ya outfit.  Which, as someone who's worked in fashion retail for many, many years & helped hundreds of birds in this situation can tell you - can be a proper struggle.

This NYE, why not try something a little different and work your way up through your outfit; planning starting from the feet? No-one wants their perfect outfit to be ruined by a lack of equally perfect shoes to go with it, amiright? So this totes makes sense. 

Where you're planning to go for your celebrations may also affect your choices. I mean, I love wearing a great pair of heels when hitting a bar or a party... but if you're going somewhere a little more casual, cold or physically demanding; flats or boots will work just as well. Cos no matter how hot your outfit is, it's never gonna look great if you can't actually walk in it; or stand pure shivering in the snow, terrified to move incase you go arse-over-tit.

As long as you wear an attractive pair of shoes, you can find a great outfit to go with them. And that’s regardless of the style. 

Getting Your Party Paint Sorted 
Regardless of where you celebrate NYE, makeup is always a big thing for me - a chance for us to let our hair down and go all out with our choices. I'm talking full contour, statement lipstick, big hair and glitter EVERYWHERE! However, this is personal preference... as long as you have a decent base, created with long-lasting products such as these from Vichy - you're good to go. And with all your Christmas goodies or beauty bargains picked in the Boxing Day Sales, you most likely won't be short of supplies to create your perfect look, either!

Aside from products like eyeshadows [my ultimate makeup kryptonite] and huuuuge falsies, you should also think about your skin. The winter weather can be a pure nuisance for sensitive skin and cracked lips; so going the extra mile to keep them moisturised & protected from the cold will benefit your end look, as well as your health.   
Remember to pack some essentials in your bag too. Pressed powder, lash glue, chewys, body spray etc. You’ll almost certainly need them over the course of what is sure to be a very long evening. Or to share with a new toilet friend in need.


The Outfit 
Once again, where you're planning on celebrating NYE will have a huge impact on your outfit choice. This is one night that can be very unpredictable. So opting for a versatile approach is often best!
Temperatures aren’t the only factor to consider when it comes to the night itself. You’ll want to be comfortable too; as well as, naturally, looking hot AF. Jumpsuits can be a winner, versatile enough to be styled for many occasions and a flattering choice for all shapes and sizes. I typically opt for playsuits and rompers on nights out, tbh. Or, naturally, if you're going paintballing in a shed or spending the night with family at Grandma's house; you maaaaay want to rethink your look.

Another top trick is to avoid wearing white. Because once that countdown to midnight starts, it’s almost certain that drinks will start spilling. Usually my own.

Outside Layers 
If you're planning on heading to an event outside [such as fireworks ... omg pls invite me] the cold may take its toll. Still, it shouldn’t stand in your way of entering 2018 in style. A thick yet stylish coat or jacket [I'm loving the faux fur styles on the market this season] are a great shout for NYE.
It’s also worth thinking about accessories you might wanna consider. There are many fantastic women’s hats to keep you warm this winter that could potench be great for NYE. When coupled with matching gloves, you’ll remain snug without sacrificing yo style. Just remember to keep your hair in a suitable style too, especially as you could still spend some of the night in a bar or inside another venue. And noone has time for hat hair.
Get the outside layers right, and the pressure to get the inner layers right is far less daunting. You can even use this to your advantage, by wearing comfier items. 

Tbh, entering 2018 with a smile is the main goal. Plan ahead, taking your activities into account, and you will be just fine. And obv hot AF.

What are your top NYE fashion tips, experiences or plans for this year?
*Collaborative post
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