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I love Summer so much - slipping on an oversized pair of sunnies that mask the fact you're not wearing any makeup and not having to brush your hair - instead being able to pass it off as 'boho' - are two of my personal highlights. As well as the sunshine and tanning opportunities, obv. When it comes to said sunglasses though, I've been somewhat restricted until now. I have my old faithful Raybans; but because my head's so sh*tting massive, they've got a bit bent. And then I had these super cute ones from Primark... but I sat on them last year and obv; cheap plastic vs my colossal arse was never going to end well.

However, my arse isn't going to have the last laugh here - I've found some BEAUT sunnies from to replace the ones it devoured and they're stunning. Like, possibly the nicest pair of sunglasses I've ever owned in my entire adult life. And I have a BELTER of a discount code for you guys, if you wanna pick up a pair in time for Festival Season or your Summer Holiday, too. But you'll have to keep reading for that; cheekaaaay! Sunglasses Review Sunglasses Review Sunglasses Review

These sexy beasts are the Edith Round Sunglasses in Black*, RRP $34.95 [this equates to approx £27.00... but just keep reading and see how much less you'll have to pay for them with my discount code. 50% less, some might say.] I'm absolutely in love with them - they're fantastic quality, a gorgeous shape, fit even my massive cranium pretty damn well and they have so many cute little details within their design. Sunglasses Review Sunglasses Review Sunglasses Review

I chose these sunnies with non-prescription lenses; as I wear contacts pretty much 99% of the time anyway... but if you do wanna get your hands on some actual prescription sunglasses, can fix you up with some of those, too. They have a massive range of sunglasses and regular eyeglasses in their online store; which are really reasonably priced and much, much better quality than I anticipated. I always assume that high street Opticians are the best place to shop for frames, but are making me question this - this fab online store is definitely somewhere I'll turn to again when searching for glasses online. Sunglasses Review Sunglasses Review Sunglasses Review

You'll have to excuse my resting bitch face and somewhat mad lipgloss situation; it was a hot, hot day and life was not impressing me much. Lol. But at least my sunglasses were. They look really high end and expensive with the engraved gold detailing don't they - and I love the round, almost bug eyed shape. I feel like a pure celeb when I put these on - 'No photos, pls peasants.' Except I'm not, I'm just that tramp who spends 89% of her spare time in bed and hasn't worn a bra for three weeks. Yolo. Sunglasses Review Sunglasses Review Sunglasses Review

I'm so happy with my Edith sunnies, I can't even put it into words. They're stylish, great quality and a fab fit [as I may have mentioned once or 34 times, I do have a massive head] - even on me. Plus they're super affordable - especially when you apply the discount code I've been pure teasing you with throughout this post. 

If you wanna grab a pair of these sexy sunglasses - or any other set of frames on's website [excluding sale] enter code GSHOT50 at the checkout and enjoy 50% off your order. That's right - literally half price on anything you fancy. Get on that, lads! Sunglasses Review Sunglasses Review

Do you love these glasses as much as I do? Where do you normally choose frames from - for your regular glasses or sunnies? You going to be using that discount code or....?

*This post contains PR Samples. However all awkward AF selfies, opinions and rambling on are 100% truthful, me and my own views.

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