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#SkincareSaturday | Kathleen Caviar Eye Cream

Since giving up all feeble attempts of having a social life and instead hanging out in duvets [plural] and spending my time scrolling Twitter like a mad beast, I've become well into entering competitions. I wouldn't quite deem myself a comper just yet, but I do enjoy a good follow and rt opportunity as much as the next guy. And sometimes, it pays off.

I was recently lucky enough to win some of Kathleen's luxury Caviar Enrich Eye Cream in a competition hosted by my sexy little mate Caitlin; who blogs at Through The Mirror and makes my life everyday with her accent and ribbon twirling. This was super exciting times for me, as my general under-eye area is a bit of a sick joke and as a pauper, I'd never normally get the chance to try a product like this [it retails for £78.]

Kathleen Skincare Caviar Enrich Eye Cream Review

Kathleen are a premium skincare brand; passionate about creating natural and organic solutions. They're legit skincare specialists with a burning desire to provide you with perfect, healthy skin. Their skincare range is luxurious, high-performance, natural and organic - with no extra artificial chemicals. 

This cream looks dead high end, doesn't it - in its little lux pot. It makes me feel like one of those pure glam, minted women who have actual marble surfaces in their homes [rather than sheets of wrapping paper pretending to be marble] and the most expensive glass pots of skincare life has ever seen. It's really lovely - it has a thick, rich formula and you only need to dab the tiniest bit under your eyes to feel its effects.

Kathleen Skincare Caviar Enrich Eye Cream Review

A lot of people have asked me if, because it's a caviar cream, it smells like fish. I can firmly assure you that this is not the case - it just smells soft, almost like clay; like most other anti-aging products do. Relaxing, soothing and cooling - not like smearing John West Tuna onto your face.

Kathleen Skincare Caviar Enrich Eye Cream Review

Kathleen Skincare Caviar Enrich Eye Cream Review

It feels lovely when dabbed under your eyes; instantly cooling and refreshing - waking you up, yet soothing your skin at the same time. I would say it reduces the puffiness under my eyes that sometimes emerges when I get proper knackered - and that it reduces the darkness of my purple eye bags a little too. Which is always going to be a good thing.

I've really enjoyed my chance to try one of Kathleen's products, as they are a brand I've seen many bloggers rave about - and I can totes see why now! Thanks to my sexy little peach Caitlin for picking me as her lucky winner - to be fair, I am an aging fossil - this was a very appropriate prize for me!

Kathleen Skincare Caviar Enrich Eye Cream Review

Have you tried anything from Kathleen before? What are your top tips for banishing dark undereyes and eye bags the size of a 6 week trip around the world?

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