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The SkinTRUTH About Home Pedicures*

Feet are in my list of the top five worst things ever. I despise trotters - especially mens' toes - seeing crusty, haggard feet in Summer footwear is my personal equivalent of hell. So for this reason, I've always taken good care of mine. And I guess the other reason why I've always invested time in home foot-care, is quite simply because I'm poor AF and can't afford to pay salon prices whenever I fancy a pedicure.

It's Summer, those faithful Ugg boots have been put into retirement and it's time to get your feet out. So, if you want your trotters to feel and look their best in flip flops - but don't fancy having to remortgage the house to keep forking out for salon treatments & pedicures, Skintruth* have got your back. And their quick acting, easy-to-use home pedicure solutions can turn the fate of your feet around in just a few treatments.

Skintruth Pedicure Range Review - Callus Remover and Heel Balm 

Skintruth Pedicure Range Review - Callus Remover and Heel Balm

Skintruth Pedicure Range Review - Callus Remover and Heel Balm

I was lucky enough to receive a little pamper package from Skintruth; to get my toes ready for Summer sandal season. Their products offer salon professional results from the comfort of your own home; at much lower price tags. Which is what I'm aaaaall about. The parcel contained their newest release - the Skintruth Callus Remover, 200ml* [which is paraben free, sulphate free and doesn't contain mineral oils] for a gentle, deep exfoliating experience that'll leave you with soft, smooth skin. I also received a handy Pumice Stone Tool* and Skintruth's Intensive Heel Repair Balm, 150ml* to complete my at-home pedicure experience and maximise results. 

Skintruth Pedicure Range Review - Callus Remover and Heel Balm

As you can see, the bottles are great sizes - meaning you get excellent value for money, and I love the Skintruth packaging and branding too. Nearly as much as I love not having to see uncared for trotters parading the streets in sandals. Which is a lot

Another thing I admire about this brand is that they're all about professional, affordable at home treatments that don't scrimp on quality and don't contain a whole heap of chemical nasties. Their kind-to-skin treatments are blended with a natural mix of oils and ingredients; and work to provide salon experiences at home with their targeted effectiveness. You can check out the full range of pedicure treatments Skintruth offer here.

Skintruth Pedicure Range Review - Callus Remover and Heel Balm

The Pumice Stone is a great size and shape; its curved handle really allows you to get a good grip of it and maintain control whilst you're filing away. It has a brush on one side, with the pumice itself on the other - it's a useful, multipurpose tool of champions and a must have for keeping on top of your foot game.

The Skintruth Callus Remover softens the harder parts of your feet ready for filing [with a Pumice Stone or maybe something a little more like a PedEgg] - the longer you leave it on, the more effective it is. My feet definitely felt softer after using this, and it seemed to remove dead skin where I wasn't even aware there would be any

Skintruth Pedicure Range Review - Callus Remover and Heel Balm

I have to admit, I didn't see massive results when using this product - but that's purely because I don't have much dead skin on my feet anyway. If you do have cracked heels or larger patches of calluses on the bases of your trotters, this product will work really well. And quickly, too - you'll be able to turn your feet around in no time. I've lent it to my Mum, so we'll see how she gets on with it!

My favourite product from my foot themed parcel has to be the Skintruth Intensive Heel Repair Cream. It leaves your feet feeling zingy, fresh and reinvigorated - soothing and relaxing after a long day running around to get chores done. It smells really refreshing and coats your heels / general foot department in a lovely, fresh fragrance. And of course, it also really softens the skin; repairing dem heelz. 

Skintruth Pedicure Range Review - Callus Remover and Heel Balm

Regardless of whether you have model feet or hobbit toes, everyone should enjoy a tube of this cream. It makes such a difference after being stood around on your feet all day.

I use my products after a long soak in the tub, to get the skin all nice and soft and relaxed, ready for the Great British GRATE Off [hahaha I'm so punny] with the Pumice Stone, which works really effectively. If you're looking for a few treats for your feet, I'd definitely suggest looking into Skintruth's range - their products are effective, natural and actually work! Without hefty salon prices. And they don't just do feet, either - their range of pampering products cover most areas of self-care; making them a great gift choice too.

Skintruth Pedicure Range Review - Callus Remover and Heel Balm

You can find Skintruth on their website, TwitterInstagram and Facebook accounts - their imagery is absolute goals and they're a pleasure to follow. Their products are stocked in Sally's, Salon Services and Beauty Express at the moment - but keep an eye on these guys, I have no doubt they'll go far. And all have pleasant feet, that don't make me weep in dismay.

What routine[s] do you follow when it comes to looking after your feet? Have you tried anything from Skintruth before?

*This post contains items I was gifted for the purpose of review, but as always; all terrible puns and opinions are my own.

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