Pack your bags, guys; cos we're off to St Moriz! And as exotic as it sounds, we don't actually have to travel that far [or at all] to get there - or to get the sunkissed holiday glow of our dreams. Simply swing by Tesco, Home Bargains, Boots or B&M Bargains [to name just a few stockists] and you'll be able to fool everyone into thinking you've vacayed in Barbados for a fortnight. Maybe you could even go one step further, and Photoshop yourself there; like those bloggers did recently. But I'd say probably don't do that. And definitely don't add some blag birds onto the horizon.

I've always loved St Moriz fake tan. I've used their Medium Tanning Mousse for years [though recently my dedication to the tanning game has been pretty shambolic and my skin has become pretty much translucent, it's that pale] and have had consistently fantastic results. For a low price. And that's what I'm talking about! It's that one fake tan I've recommended to friends from the bottom of my heart since 2010. And look - now they have a new version of my old faithful mousse!

St Moriz 5 in 1 Tanning Mousse Review

St Moriz 5 in 1 Tanning Mousse Review

This thing of beauty we see before us is St Moriz's all new Advanced Pro Formula 5 in 1 Tanning Mousse* - with its exclusive, specialist multi-tasking formula doing so much more for the skin than just tanning. It's said to be longer lasting, moisturising, luminous, giving you a BB skin smoothing finish and from a 100% naturally derived tanning agent. It also boasts patented mood enhancing fragrance technology - which is very posh, if you ask me!

It's an easy to apply mousse formula which gives professional results from home; ideal for all skin types. The bottle I have here is in shade Medium; but it also comes in Dark. And if you hadn't noticed, they totally have a Baywatch competition on right now [enter here.]

St Moriz 5 in 1 Tanning Mousse Review

St Moriz 5 in 1 Tanning Mousse Review

The first thing I noticed about the Advanced Pro Formula 5 in 1 Tanning Mousse* [when comparing it to my old St Moriz Medium Tanning Mousse] is the fragrance. It's so different - and definitely in a good way. Whereas the formula of the old St Moriz Mousse I've used for like, 7 years, smells kinda... like nothing, but with a slight biscuitty whiff at times, this revamped mousse smells UNREAL! It's fruity and fresh - a scent I'd legit buy and wear in a perfume. It reminds me of holidays and suncreams and baby lotion; all stuck in a blender and mixed with fruit and John Frieda shampoo. Which was a lovely surprise. And a welcome development for the brand.

St Moriz 5 in 1 Tanning Mousse Review

It's easy to apply; with the iconic St Moriz stain giving you an instant tan on application. I was really impressed on how quickly and naturally the product applied to my skin; and the natural, cool toned tan it evenly dispersed across my body. I slept with mine on for maximum effect, applying it before bed. There was a slight biscuitty aroma when it came to morning; but not half as strong as the old formula used to have. And to be honest, I quite like that smell anyway - it reminds me of nights out and friends from years gone by; and the way we all used to go to St Moriz on a Thursday before drinks after work on a Friday. 

The new formula is definitely more lightweight, quicker to absorb and melts into the skin more evenly. It also feels less sticky to the touch than I remember. It's really easy to apply, no matter if you're a tan novice or a seasoned St Moriz master - the stain shows any patches you may have missed, and it's dead easy to blend.

St Moriz 5 in 1 Tanning Mousse Review Before and After
[pls excuse the random bruises I seem to have acquired on my leg too haha - what are those?!]

I'm so happy with the natural [yet dark, because I LOVE being a deep shade of bronze] cool looking tan this new 5 in 1 Mousse has left me with. Life is just soooo much better with a tan. I guess the thing which makes me happiest of all with this product [and the visibly amazing results it achieves] is its price when compared to other similar products I've tried. Most comparable alternatives seem to range from £15 - £30; but this bad boy costs just £7.99 at the most.

St Moriz make the tan of your dreams affordable [and much cheaper than you know, paying for an actual holiday!] The older version of this amazing product you can even manage to grab for under £3; usually around £3-£4 in places like Wilko, Superdrug and Tesco. I can't cope.

If you're new to St Moriz, definitely start with their new Pro Advanced Formula Mousse - it applies like an actual dream and it's super hard to mess up. It's a fantastic price for a great product - in a massive bottle which will legit last ages; especially as the new formula spreads so much quicker than the old one and needs even less product to achieve bronzed perfection; meaning less waste.

St Moriz 5 in 1 Advanced Professional Formula Medium Mousse Tan Review

I'm once again happy to announce that my regular trips to St Moriz will continue as normal; with no delays or re-routing. I love this tan so much that I might even start vacaying there more often! Keep your eyes peeled on my blog for more exciting St Moriz products, coming soon. And happy tanning!

Have you been to / tried St Moriz before? Are you a beginner to self-tanning or a seasoned tanning pro?

*This post contains PR samples but all opinions and pasty white legs are very much my own.
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