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May your Monday Coffee be as Strong as your Nails*

You know the chocolate bar, Flake? Did you know, it was named after the feeble state of my nails, and how they too just flake and crumble when you put pressure on them? .... Well, maybe I'm lying about that. But that IS a pretty accurate analogy of the state of my nails and my life; they both pretty much crumble under pressure, hahahaha *cries*. 

I have Oesteopenia [weaker than average bones and a pure {sarcastic} riot] and as a result of this, my nails are as sh*te as my bones. If I paint my nails, the polish comes off within a matter of days - if not hours - due to this, and I always have to cut them pure short to avoid them going west / cracking as I frantically type on keyboards [all day, errrrday.] 

My bones have started to improve recently [thankfully] thanks to increased Vitamin D meds; after being diagnosed with a deficiency of this stuff. But when I asked Dr Pun [who doesn't deserve that name, he's not at all funny] for a holiday to the Maldives on the NHS he surprisingly said no. And then shattered my life with bad news. So I do still need help on the Vitamin D / Calcium front to keep my bones & nails from breaking - and while the doctors are keeping my bones in check [bar the holiday of a lifetime they won't let me have] Renunail* is sorting my nails right out.

Renunail Nail Strengthening Treatment Review

Renunail Nail Strengthening Treatment Review

Renunail Nail Strengthening Treatment Review

I've been giving my nails a rest from Shellac treatments recently - because first and foremost, it's a luxury that I defo can't afford right now and secondly, because of how flaky my nails are when it's removed. I decided to fully embrace trying Renunail out and just left my talons to fester - naked - for a while, during the first few seven day treatment sessions. No nail polish, nothing. It felt weird to actually see my natural nails - and also, brought me intense shame as they were a nice yellowy colour from fake tan. Lololol.

Directions for use:
- Apply 2 coats of Renunail Nail Strengthener onto clean nails, avoiding the cuticle area, and then one coat daily for the next 5 days
- On Day 7, remove with nail polish remover
- Repeat the process 3 times [each program lasts for 28 days] 
- Allow your nails to rest for 1-2 weeks between treatments. 

Renunail Nail Strengthening Treatment Review

Renunail Nail Strengthening Treatment Review

Renunail is a nail strengthener enriched with calcium; which as we all know from the plethora of French Kids' Yoghurt adverts, is good for healthy teeth and bones. Using it [as detailed above] promotes stronger, longer and healthier looking talons; as well as coating them in a protective layer that stops them getting badly dehydrated when you're using a million Flash wipes or bleaching the bathroom. 

It promises to restore nails damaged from falsies [or Shellac, like me]; eliminating peeling, flaking and chipping. You can use it as a base coat and / or a top coat too; so you can work on strengthening your nails without anyone even knowing - and without having to sacrifice that extra pop of colour.

Renunail Nail Strengthening Treatment Review

Renunail Nail Strengthening Treatment Review

....but does it work?

In a word - yes. Even on my medically diagnosed SH*TE nails, I've noticed a massive difference in their appearance and strength. Before starting with Renunail, the surfaces of my nails were damaged and flaky, from where they'd been filed down pre-Shellac and from where I'd peeled the old stuff off [I know, nail lady, I know I shouldn't!] Now they're smooth, glossy and no trace of that remains. They also feel much stronger when I'm typing; rather than just bending or giving up and cracking.

The biggest signifier that this product has helped me has come from the nail on my middle [swearing] finger on my right hand. Ordinarily, as soon as this grows even like, a millimetre, it gets an effing great big crack in it. This  blighter is the bane of my actual life, and something me and my nail lady lol and despair at everytime I see her, as it wrecks everything she creates for me. There has been no sign of my crack [looooooool deliberate innuendo use there, soz that I'm like, 12] since. To quote Gabrielle: Dreams can come true.

Renunail Nail Strengthening Treatment Review

I'm completely sold. Hook, line and sinker. Bowled over and blown away that something can ACTUALLY help these sad excuses for nails I have. So now all I need is to keep working on the GP in my quest for a gifted trip to the Maldives - and I'm golden.

If you have flaky, brittle nails; honestly, give this a go. It's really helped me, and I thought I was a lost cause. I'm going to get a bottle of this for my Mum too I think... she has crap bones / nails just like me and I really think this'll help her in her battle against our evident family Vitamin D deficient genepool!

You can pick Renunail up from Amazon, AllBeauty.com, Fragrance Direct and other similar online retailers. It sells for around £16 - £18 - and it's worth every penny, if you're a member of the crap nails club, like me!

Have you tried Renunail or any similar treatment before? Do you have brittle nails, or perhaps any suggestions on how I can convince Dr Pun that a hot tub and a holiday to the Maldives [on the NHS] is a good idea?

*This post contains a PR sample; but all opinions and lame-arse medical conditions are totes mine.

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