Twitter has pretty much exploded recently with leaf emojis, pumpkins and intense blogger excitement about Autumn, October and the festivities this month brings. Namely, Halloween. Does this sound like you? As a Summer gal I can pretty much give or take the colder months of the year; my crappy joints hate the cold weather. But I do quite like Halloween and as yous already know, I LOVE a good bargain, so I wanted to share these festive pieces of Halloween Homeware with you guys today. 

As bloggers, we are constantly exposed to photos of all kinds of luxuries, high end lifestyles and products that are so far out of my price bracket that I die a little inside. The beauty of following brands with sh*t hot PR teams on Twitter, hey? It's hard not to get carried away and caught up in this consumerist lifestyle - and even harder to convince yourself that you don't need to spend the earth to achieve the same. I'm hands up totally guilty of this - but the fact I am literally the poorest person in the land reigns me in and gives me a reality check. You don't need to spend big, to get big. And you can quite easily pick up some amazing bits on the cheap, if you know where to look.

This week's bargain spotlight is being shone on the aptly named B&M Bargains. If you're big into Halloween, throwing a party or perhaps just looking for blogging props; you need to see this.

Lovelaughslipstick blog B&M Bargains Halloween Homeware

First of, how cute is this little Trick or Treat jar? Looks like it would be quite at home in a more expensive High Street store, no? How much would you pay for this? I'd say that if I didn't know where this had come from, I'd guess about £4.99.

Lovelaughslipstick blog B&M Bargains Halloween Homeware

Here comes the plot twist - I actually managed to buy everything you see listed in this post for £4.99

This fab little ghostly glass was labelled up as £1.49, but actually scanned up for £1 at the till. ONE ENGLISH POUND. How amazing is that?! They also had a few other designs of it on their shelves, which in hindsight, I wish I'd picked up now. At this price, these would be ideal for a Halloween Party! LIFE MADE.

Lovelaughslipstick blog B&M Bargains Halloween Homeware

I'm made up with these creepy candles. They're so delicately decorated, with fine, high quality glitter. They look classy, not trashy [as some Halloween deccys can DEFO look, hahaha.] They give off the perfect Autumnal vibes with their colours and if you're not big on going overboard decorating your home for Halloween, this little set can add a subtly spooky touch to your interiors. This set was £1.99 for THREE candles. #CantCope #GotTheChills

Lovelaughslipstick blog B&M Bargains Halloween Homeware

How cute is this little guy?! I nearly wept when I saw him - and genuine tears of emotion came to my eyes when I saw his price tag. ONE ENGLISH POUND. Plot twist - he comes with batteries and a switch on his bum; turn him on [oo-err] and he flashes a multitude of colours. Disco Ghost. If I was having a Halloween Party of my own this year, I'd literally just fill my flat with these flashy friends, they're too cute. And cheap.

Lovelaughslipstick blog B&M Bargains Halloween Makeup

Well, this one isn't really homeware - but it's still a blimmin' bargain, so I couldn't not include it. I always get my Halloween makeup from B&M; it's cheap, does the trick and doesn't come at an extortionate price, like other brands do [I'm looking at you, Smiffys!] They have a whole heap of facepaints, costumes, masks, wigs and even Halloween Costumes for your PETS - but I kept it simple [as I have quite a lot of facepaint left from last year] and picked up this Blood Spray for just £1. Again, you can't argue with that, can you?!

B&M Bargains - Four Halloween Horrors, for just £4.99. I think it's appropriate at this point to say and drop what you're doing IMMEDIATELY to head to B&M!!!!


What's your favourite pick from this post? Have you picked up any proper bargains from B&M recently [or anywhere else, for that matter?] What are your Halloween plans?

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