I love my sleep. I also really need it - if I don't get enough, I can function... but little 'quirks' [such as back pain, twitchy eyes or my bad AF temper] tend to kick in as the day progresses. I know I need to be more mindful of my health & things I can do to optimise my wellbeing; sleep being something I really need to strike up the right balance with.

I'm really bad / well known for having early evening naps and not setting regular alarms in a morning to give my body a routine. And even if I do, just sleeping through them instead. Taking part in the 4 Week Bed Guru #ChooseSleepNow challenge has been the perfect way of showing me where I typically make mistakes with my slumber decisions. Some of the smallest lifestyle changes recommended by Bed Guru can actually make the biggest difference to your quality of sleep - AND QUALITY OF LIFE.

Before we kicking off this post and my exclusive video diary, make sure you download the 
information pack & top tips for yourself.

This pack is a super handy resource - from a company who definitely know their stuff. It's educated me, upped my sleep game and made me more aware that certain decisions I make during my day can & will jeopardise my quality of sleep & health [like that 4pm cup of coffee I have realised I always reach for!] You can fill it in digitally or print it out as a reminder to have around; which is what I chose to do during this challenge.

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The #ChooseSleep challenge is one which really stood out to me as I was reading about it; for practical reasons, as well as my passion for whacking snooze on the alarm clock & generally turning up late for most occasions thanks to my inability to part with the duvet. I've recently made the decision to go self-employed... which is fab, don't get me wrong [my best life is very much being lived right now!] but I already see behaviours in myself that I need to knock on the head. 

Before starting the challenge and reading the information pack, although loving sleep and relishing the times I did / do have to enjoy it, I saw sleep as more of a hindrance; especially when I'd feel myself getting tired, but knew I had about 5000 words to write for a client. Learning more about sleep rhythms, what sleep actually regulates and some of the health benefits it treats us too [the #ChooseSleep Campaign Pack contains a sheet with some very interesting facts about this. Defo make sure you download it, huns.]

I've been very guilty of working all the time; sacrificing my sleep so that I can get more done - when this isn't actually as productive as I would have myself believe. Better quality of sleep improves  out health in so many ways. Which I did know - albeit not to as much of an extent as this challenge has illustrated to me. I see & recognise the mental and physical health issues I experience when I'm sleep deprived, but due to my workload, I've shunned them and kept going 'for the greater good.' But who's greater good? Certainly not my own. I need to do better. And this eye-opening, life changing challenge from the moment I read the pack started to do that for me.

Take a look at my video diaries to learn more about me, my sleep, the challenge and just how much of a game changer this collaboration with Bed Guru has been in my life.

Week 1 & Introduction To The Challenge

Week 2 Thoughts

Week 3 Thoughts

Week 4 Of The Challenge & Conclusions:

Even before properly getting stuck into the challenge, I noted several behaviours, lifestyle choices and bad habits in myself which I would need to analyse, review and keep a better handle on throughout the 30 days.... and beyond. Little did I realise how much I'd actually learn, realise and change in myself in such a short space of time. My video diaries [linked above, and on my YouTube channel] explain more and give a really personal insight into my experience. 

I feel really grateful to have been able to take part in this challenge. I can be quite stubborn in changing my mindset & lifestyle, but I tried to head into this with an open mind and take onboard the advice that the sleep experts at Bed Guru brought to the table. And I'm really glad that I did.

Would I recommend this challenge? YES. Especially around the start of New Year; a chance to start a fresh calendar year with fresh sleeping habits we can carry through & reap the benefits of aallllll 2019.

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