Christmas is now, sorry gang, over & done with for another year. We've progressed into that awkward-in-the-middle phase between the big day and NYE - New Year being a time of reflection, resolutions and starting anew; a little different than the Christmas season of indulgence, shopping & lavish gift shopping.

Instead of picking up novelty gifts and dresses adorned in a thousand sequins, our shopping habits typically evolve into investments for ourselves & our homes at this time of year... rather than the gifts & luxuries purchased in the 'Yolo, it's Christmas' mentality. 

New Year is, of course, that cliché of new year, new me - and also a time where people start to redecorate their homes, make plans and invest in items for themselves that they've needed throughout the year - making the most of the seasonal sales!

Boxing Day sales are the one when it comes to big savings; a lot of which you can shop online; from the comfort of your own home. And that's what I'm here to talk to you about today. Silk Bedding Direct are a fab online retailer; stocking luxury, soft AF bedding, duvets, pillows, mattress toppers etc ... with a huge winter sale now on. AND on top of the already bangin' sale offers Silk Bedding Direct are bringing to the table, you can also use code PARTY15 for an extra 15% off ON TOP of these slashed prices [until 30 Dec.] NEW YEAR, new bedding, new you.

Mulberry Silk Luxurious Bedding, Silk Bedding Direct | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I've decided to use images taken from Silk Bedding Direct [see also - the Silk Bedding Direct Amazon storefor this post. I was very kindly gifted a HUGE [not messing] Super King Size Mulberry Silk-Filled Pillow* from these guys [which is so posh I couldn't cope; coming in its own carry case as standard] -  as pictured above... but photos of me spooning it as I sleep probs aren't that attractive. 

Let's talk about this pillow for a minute though. It's so bloody comfy yet supportive yeno; I've had some of the best sleeps / naps of my life on it since it arrived with me. I'm lying on it right now, as I type this, and it's the single best piece of bedding I own. It puts my other pillows right to shame.

Mulberry Silk Luxurious Bedding, Silk Bedding Direct | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

All Silk Bedding Direct's silk-filled bedding has an inspection zip (next to the cleaning label) so you can see & have a feel up of its properly soft mulberry interior. Even just typing / thinking about it is making me sleepy

As well as its sheer luxurious comfort, mulberry silk-filled bedding has a number of great benefits over other types of bedding, the main ones being: 

1. It's totally clean and hypo-allergenic - dust mites, bed bugs, etc. cannot live in mulberry silk. Peasants.

2. It's 100% natural - the mulberry silk is used in its natural state. No chemicals are added in the production process. 

3. It contains proteins & amino acids that actively delay skin ageing - and nourish and protect the hair while sleeping. 

4. It's composed of natural properties that promote relaxation in the central nervous system. Which is pretty spot on when it comes to bedding. 

5. It maintains a comfortable sleeping temperature. Mulberry silk breathes and wicks away excess heat and moisture if you become too hot -  but retains heat on colder nights to keep ya snug. 

6. It lasts longer - as it does not degrade or fall apart over time. Like my existing, sad excuses for pillows have.

Mulberry Silk Luxurious Bedding, Silk Bedding Direct | Lovelaughslipstick Blog

If you're looking to upgrade your home / bedding for the New Year, definitely check out the Silk Bedding Direct Winter Sale. I can vouch that their products are properly posh / high quality & comfy AF - and this time of year is perfect in terms of the offers available; if you wanna get lux mulberry silk bedding for less.

Act fast though, the PARTY15 additional discount code expires on the 30th December!
*This post was written on a gifting basis & all opinions are my own 
**All images in this post are taken from
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