The human race has always been a pretty superstitious gang; with many of us carrying specific items on our person as a form of protection or good luck. Your pulling pants, your lucky necklace, THE dress; for example. A sorta lucky charm

Charm bracelets; beautiful pieces of jewellery that display lucky or meaningful decorative charms, are a prime example of our love for these lil superstitions I reckon.

Interestingly, the first signs of what we'd call a charm bracelet becoming a trend appeared during the times of the Egyptian Pharaohs. There were certain things that our Egyptian Ancestors held in pretty high regard - and their life expectancy was pretty terrible compared to ours, so it's no wonder they adorned themselves with protective charms on a bracelet! Here's a few more tidbits of trivia on the old topic of charm bracelets, reasons why they've been popular throughout the years & other lil facts for you guys to enjoy.

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Identifying People

This sounds a bit grim, but people who wore charm bracelets back in the day did so because they believed that by having charms or other items on your person that identified you; it'd help your spirit arrive at the right afterlife. Therefore, someone of Egyptian royalty would have many delicate charms worn on their body; placed there to help them to find their rightful place in the spirit world.

The Roman Empire

During this era, Christians often wore special charms to identify them; as a way of meeting other people of similar faith. Even though these charms would be well-hidden, discovery would often lead to bad times. But they still went for it #BadBoyzFoLyf

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Knights And Kings

Throughout the Middle Ages, charms were typically worn by people of nobility; as a way to ward off evil. Although not for perhaps the same reasons nowadays; charm bracelets are just as popular today as they were back in those times - should you wish to buy a bracelet or charms to add to your collection; there are a whole host of online jewellers with ranges you can browse & shop easily.

The Victorian Era

Charm bracelets made a comeback during the reign of Queen Victoria, yet there was a shift in focus from protective to aesthetic qualities. Small lockets and glass beads were very popular at this time, along with semi-precious stones such as jade and amber.

Post War Europe And America

Soldiers who'd returned home after travelling all corners of the globe brought small trinkets back with them - and many had them inserted into a charm as a keepsake. Their wives & girlfriends would give their loved one some form of good luck charm prior to going to war, as a way of protecting their partner in the face of extreme danger.

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The Nineties Boom

Collecting vintage and antique charms became properly on-point during the 1990s [which I totally remember, I definitely wrote about them in my letters to Santa!] and have remained in fashion to this very day; with stores like Pandora making a killing from them! 

Charms and charm bracelets have been worn - as a fashion accessory and otherwise, for literally thousands of years. They make thoughtful, sentimental gifts too; making them a great shout around Christmas. They also act as [as my now ex-boyfriend discovered] a great investment for you to buy further additions for in the future - birthdays, anniversaries, Christmases and other special occasions; you name it, there's a charm for that!
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