It's only been in the backend [haha ooh-err] - say, some point in November onwards - of 2018 that I've been considering dipping my toes back into the world of dating. My previous relationship of like, 6 years came to an end this year; with my now ex-bae seemingly thinking that if he pretended I didn't exist and swept me under the carpet, that all our problems would just go away

No, hun. Wot r u doing. I'm like a big old monster turd that won't flush; you don't just get rid of me.

Anyway, I decided to flush myself out of his life, because he never bothered to talk to me or to pull the chain [really gotta get out of using these poo related metaphors] & since then, it's been a right old roflcopter. I LOVE being single soooooo much, and I'm definitely in no rush to get into a relationship right now; unless it's with a Kinder Bueno. Or a king-size duvet. But there's been a few things I've noticed & taken away from my short time back in the game. Not on the game. I'm not a hooker.

You can tell that's the truth because of how poor I am.

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1. 2019 is gonna be insanely fun and I can't wait

I've got holidays, hen dos and trips around the globe pencilled in -  I'm buzzin' just thinking about all the people I'm gonna meet & get chatting with, in the company of my very best friends. Who are always a great judge in character when it comes to romance. 

I love my best friend group more than anything in the world & if they get on with potential bae interests & vice-versa, that's pretty much all that matters to me.

2. I don't know if it's because I've spent so much time on Twitter whilst in a relationship than when I was last single [which has opened my eyes to a lot] but I'm noticing problematic behaviour and entitlement so much more in blokes now I'm back out there & it's rly not okay. 

Some fella called me a slut the other day because he thought I'd given him a fake number, even though I'd actually given him my real one because I felt too sly to say no. But it's okay, I destroyed him for his behaviour :]

3. I don't know if I'll ever be okay with Tinder

4. Also, why are so many people on Tinder that I know?

Like, I've only scrolled through it for the lols & to absolutely troll the fellas on it about bumholes, but I've literally found like, pure Uber drivers & even the creepy man in the petrol station. It's hilarious but also the biggest risk that you might accidentally swipe right on them & end up in the most awkward situation of ya adult life.

5. People ask why I'm single like it's a bad thing?? I'm like, erm, because I want to be hun?? It's one of the most liberating things, I've never wanted or needed to be in a relationship to be myself and feel confident in myself before now; and I'm really happy that I'm starting to feel enough like me again to remember this feeling.

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6. I've been hanging out with friends - male and female - a lot more since everything's gone a bit Pete Tong, and that's been really nice. I reconnected with a lad I knew from uni and we went for catch-up beverages & egg banter... and I even rejoined Facebook [though I hate it & will no doubt be gone again off it soon] because I just wanted to chat to people and remember who I am / was. 

7. I scupper my own chances with males more often than not because my own jokes are too funny to not say; whilst dead inappropriate. And then laugh at hysterically for about an hour. But I really don't care hahahaha.

8. 99% of boys seem to think that the very first time they speak to you, they can go in with a spooning invitation. Which obv means I have to go respond & go right back in with a good old fork pun. A fork and a cough.

9. NOONE BELIEVES HOW OLD I AM. But it's funny.

10. I feel like an actual heated up fossil in clubs these days. Why is everyone so young pls?

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I'm really excited to meet new people, get out to new places and see where life takes me in 2019. I'd have liked to have got some closure & had a chance to discuss things with old bae, I really would, but seeing as he's jibbed me right off; I'm gonna have to revert back to my new moral compass of YOLO and move the frig on.

New Year is fast approaching - and with it, 2019 brings so many chances to meet new people AND a new chapter. Whilst keeping the old people I know & love from this year & the past. All of which I'll hopefully be able to document properly on me blog. Yay! 

How's your love life? Are you dating, all loved up or very single & very keen to keep it that way [meeeee!] If you're looking to crack on in the realms of online dating and you're a bit northern [even more northern than me!] why not try signing up for a lil slice of Cumbria Dating to see in the New Year?
*Collaborative post, all opinions and experiences are my own
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