The world is seemingly becoming more eco-aware atm [finally] with news of just how much plastic is plopping about in the sea & the extent of how dicey our carbon emissions are / how much they're buggering up the world actually being broadcast in mainstream media 🙌. We need to take responsibility for our planet [and our actions sooner] rather than later - ensuring that our planet is clean, healthy and [preferably] non-toxic.

I am a massive recycling enthusiast [some may refer to my policing of the recycling corner in our old student house as 'regimented' at the least] and will separate my general bin shiz from anything remotely reusable all day; err'day. Hopefully you guys are on-board this train too - recycling the hell outta your cans, plastic and other harmful emissions; such as walking more rather than taking the car [I can't afford a car, so I do this by proxy 🙋]

Making Your Home Eco-Friendly: How To Transform Your Old Appliances with Daikin*
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A fair bit of current environmentally-friendly advice is related to the appliances and white goods we use around the home / in workplaces - often with regards to investing in new, greener models.

Whilst there is no denying that newer models do often come with more eco-friendly elements included as standard [I know my washing machine is approximately 35,000 years old and probs not that great tbh - in any sense of the word] they are pricey AF and not something we can just afford on a whim. Much as I'd love to replace my larger appliances with more eco-friendly [and cost friendly] alternatives, I DEFO can't afford dis. But fear not, eco-buddies; there are other things we can do to help reduce carbon emissions & make your home or office space more energy-efficient.

Today's post is in collaboration with air conditioning solution experts Daikin, who are here to help advise us on where we can find the best ways to transform our existing appliances into better, more efficient, greener versions of their former selves! Like a glow up for ya dishwasher

Making Your Home Eco-Friendly: How To Transform Your Old Appliances with Daikin*
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Nuke The Night-Time Stand-By 

I know a lot of people guilty of this - though I'm not really one of them, as I never have my phone on charge and permanently reside on 1% battery / danger. Hahahaha. One of my most annoying habits that I can justify as 'saving the planet.'

We all know someone who leaves their TV, computer monitor or games console on standby all day, all night - or is a massively keen phone overcharger and leaves it plugged in overnight when it doesn't reaaaalllyyyyy need that long. If you’re looking to lower your bills and your carbon footprint, switch them off completely before you go to bed / whenever you remember.

According to Energy Saving Trust, the average UK home spends £30 every year just on appliances left on standby. Spending £30 for something you’re not using isn’t good, and worse, it’s not good for the environment. IMAGINE HOW MUCH CHOCOLATE, OR TOOFACED, OR JAGERBOMBS THAT £30 COULD BE PUT TOWARDS INSTEAD.

Remember to, when you’re doing your check around the gaff at night to reassure yourself that all windows & doors are locked, to  cast a quick eye over ya plugs and devices; switching them off properly before hitting the hay. 

Making Your Home Eco-Friendly: How To Transform Your Old Appliances with Daikin*
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Save A Few Degrees 

I don't have a boiler, much to the annoyance of all those spam callers. I'm an electric and water-tank kinda gal. But if you have one, it's something which should be ideally replaced every 15 years... but even your oldie can still be optimised to do a better job of being eco-friendly with a few easy steps.

Lil life hacks - such as turning down the thermostat by a few degrees, and turning it off at night, can make a world of difference. You'll sleep better if your body can cool down - and a small difference in degrees during the day won't make you uncomfortable. Stick on a jumper or cute hoodie hun - saves both money AND the world. I just tend to climb inside my duvet and not move - also a viable option if you don't need to leave the house. 

Fridge Coils

Similar to boilers, fridges tend to last a while - typically around 10-20 years in fact. In it for the long haul. But if your fridge is coming up for replacement & you're in the market for a shiny new food-keeper; an eco-friendly model is definitely the way to go. 

Before we jump the gun and go full on rogue in the fridge section of the Argos catalogue, let's focus on your current fridge. And here's a question for ya - one which I defo can't answer myself.  When was the last time you cleaned the coils? Cos according to Architectural Digest, cleaning the coils of your fridge can totes encourage better energy use. 

Your fridge’s coils are usually located on the bottom, the top, or the back of your appliance. 

To clean them - turn your fridge off before you start [pls] & remove the base grill [if the coils are on the top or bottom] or pull your fridge carefully out so you can see the coils at the back. 

With a refrigerator coil brush, brush out any dirt or debris that has gathered on the coils. And take this opportunity to sweep the floor too... as I recently discovered when I pulled the washing machine out from under the units, some nasty sh*t lurks behind appliances, hun! 

When you're done, pop everything back in place & you should totes be able to reap the fridge fruit of your labours. Be sure to wear gloves when you're cleaning tho - and be careful when moving your fridge; if it’s too heavy, ask for help moving it. Cos it hurts when it accidentally rolls over ya big toe, let me tell you.

Making Your Home Eco-Friendly: How To Transform Your Old Appliances with Daikin*
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Dryer Filter

Next, let's turn our attention to your tumble-dryer [if you have one - mine's a 2-in-1 washer & dryer, and the dryer defo packed in about 5 years ago. Never to be used again.

Appaz [fun fact for you, here] the filters are meant to be cleaned after every use, but I didn't know that and I bet most people either don't know this either / forget / massively cba.

Clear out any lint that has gathered in the filter, then pour a little water on the filter screen to see if the water passes through. If it doesn’t and pools on top of the filter, your filter needs a proper good wash, hun. Give it a good scrub [ooh-err] in soapy, warm water before rinsing it off. Now, try pouring a little water through again. If it still pools, repeat your soap-water attack on the filter until you notice an improvement. 

Cold Water Clean

Your washing machine can be easily made to be more environmentally sound by cooling down a little. We know you're a total hotty, but your washing machine doesn't have to be. By opting to wash your clothes on a cold wash setting, you'll benefit from the following positives... as well as knowing you're helping to save the planet!

Protect colour vibrancy 
Protect elastics
Better stain removal (warm water actually keeps the stain in!) 
Money saving

Dutiful Eco-Dishwashers 

If you're a bit posher than me, a total peasant who washes their endless bowls of pasta up with a scourer and some Smart Price washing up liquid, you might have the luxury of a dishwasher. You lucky duck.

Keep your dishwasher working hard - you've paid enough for it, hun. About time it pulled its weight around the house. Always wait for a full load before setting your dishwasher off. Also, aim to have your full load placed efficiently in the dishwasher, so that you fit in as much as possible without compromising on cleaning. 

Tree Hugger advise that if your model of DW has the option to, you should turn off its drying cycle and just let your dishes air dry. You can open the door at the end and leave them overnight to dry off. Savvy AF.

Making Your Home Eco-Friendly: How To Transform Your Old Appliances with Daikin*
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AC Check

A good air-conditioning unit can provide effective relief from an overly-warm home. We allllllll lusted for one over Summer 2018, let's face it. I had a full on breakdown not being able to find a desk fan. Like any other appliance though, AC's all need a little TLC from time-to-time to keep them working effectively and prevent any overuse of energy

Greener Ideal recommend getting a professional out to inspect your air-conditioning unit [if you have one, like.. I know I don't, I just have a graveyard of desk fans & them mini battery powered ones] to make sure it's still running efficiently & effectively. If your system is making any strange noises, best to give a professional a call. Or Ghostbusters.

There’s plenty of ways older appliances can still do their bit to be environmentally friendly! Have a read through these tips & get inspired on how your home and / or  workspace can operate at its greenest. 

When the time does come for you to replace your older appliances, be sure to keep in mind energy efficiency as you're shopping. For example, if you're looking to replace an old, noisy air conditioning unit, your main focus initially might be on a quiet model. But don't neglect to check how eco-friendly it is, no matter how intense your air-con rage might be at the time!
*Sponsored post, but a topic I am pretty damn passionate about, like xo
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