Yous should all know by now that I'm a bit a lot of a bargain hunter; who enjoys a good competition [soz not soz for the Twitter retweets - have you entered my giveaway here?] I properly enjoy penny picking, the 'Whoops!' aisle in the Asda and making the most of special offers - especially around Christmas & New Year. Feel the same, huns? 

I've found a fab website to talk about today - a place of kindred spirits, deals & vouchers, that hosts everything I could ever want when it comes to bargains all in one place. That I obviously need to share with you guys: immediately. 

I'm talking / weeping about, of course, LatestDeals. Clue's in the title. LatestDeals are a whole community of bargain hunters [my people 🙏] who share genuine deals, vouchers, giveaways and other freebies; all in one place. The deals I've been scouting out on there whilst researching this post are next-level fab - there's some perfect reductions on items that'll make BANGIN' Christmas gift ideas

Their site even boasts tools such as a stock checker, Domino's voucher finder and an Amazon deal locator to help you get ya mitts on exactly what you're looking for; at the very best price. It's the most useful treasure trove of money-saving wisdom. - vouchers, deals, freebies, competitions

The site is free to join; with a big sense of community with its chat area. There are a lot of extremely knowledgeable and savvy bargain hunters, compers & couponers on the internet; so inviting them to a site where they can share their wisdom and other top tips is naturally gonna lead to a hotbed of savings. The main categories on the site include:

- Books
- Fashion
- Health & Beauty
- Home & Garden
- Kids
- Music
- Sport
- Technology
- TV & Film
- Travel
- Video Gaming
- Other - vouchers, deals, freebies, competitions

One of the main reasons I'm buzzing about this find is how great it is to have everything all in one place. We all know when there's sales likely to be on [Black Friday, Boxing Day etc etc] but it's easy to overlook certain retailers or offers you're less familiar with; when you're rushing to get your new bargain buy through the checkout process & confirmed in stock. 

I've seen some really great brands, items, prices and stockists on the LatestDeals site as I've been getting my stalk on - so I've totes starred it as a bookmark in ma Chrome browser for future bargain hunt sessions. Might even call me old pal David Dickinson and get him round for this event

Some of the reductions I've scrolled through, as I've been weeping about how poor I am, have been next level mint; with brands such as Yankee Candle absolutely coming through with reductions that even I can get a bit giddy over. Cos I'm not a Yankee Candle kinda bird, rly. Putting it out there.

If you're still Christmas Shopping, haven't started it yet [still plenty of time, bbz] or fancy a bit of bargain inspo; I'd 100% recommend checking out LatestDeals. I'm heading back off there now tbh, to scope out more savings £££
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