I am, admittedly, not the biggest Christmas enthusiast to walk the earth [much to everyone - especially me Ma's - disappointment]... but I can admit that this time of year is one full of fun, parties & reasons to smile. As well as pine needles that embed into the carpet and jab your feet forevermore - and shopping RAGE. 

The festive season is a time of friends, family and recalling fond memories; as well as indulging in several boxes of posh biscuits and red wine. It's parties, fancy dress, tinsel headbands and tacky AF jumpers with proper naff puns on. And stumbling out of clubs at 3am, heading up Bold Street for cheesy chips. That's also my upcoming weekend plans summarised for ya

I'm lucky enough to have naturally pretty white teeth - which I flash all the time as I gurn and lol my way through life [normally at my own jokes.] 

But typically, when it gets to the festive season - and in Summer [the two main points in the calendar year where I start to wanna tweak my appearance & change my look up] - when there's all this grinning, bad food and unexpected photo opportunities, I begin to start thinking about cosmetic procedures. Right now, for example, I'm debating HD Brows, a trillion spray tans, the two tattoos I want, botox, fillers and teeth whitening. LOL - help a gal out, Santa. Of all the enhancements I'm planning in the creation of Nikki 2.0 tho, teeth whitening is gonna be the main focus I'll chat about in this post. Cos there's a few points I wanna cover.

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I've never actually had my teeth whitened professionally before, though I have paid for private, more frequent scale & polish sessions at a posh denny in town to keep ma gnashers clean; in between NHS check-ups. 

I am hoping, in 2019, to return to said posh dentist and have some form of whitening treatment however. Teeth whitening isn't a massive procedure in terms of downtime or rarity [and it's defo less scary than the other cosmetic treatments you can find in my search history!] but it's definitely something I feel will boost ma confidence & improve my grid for the 'Gram. It's a lot of money to invest into a service, so I do think if you're going to have it done - and I know a lot of gals start planning these procedures around this time of year - you need to be confident in the person you choose for the job

I think it's really important, if you're looking for professional teeth whitening services, to be super vigilant where you book. Do your research. It's one thing having a bad hair dye job, as that's salvageable with a box dye and a glass of wine to numb the pain... but there are so many unlicensed, non-regulated jokers out there posing as dental experts; with pure peroxide kits off eBay - and the real potential to mess up ya mouth forever. We've all seen them horror stories on the telly - and on the medical negligence claim adverts... don't be that person. Pls. You'd rather pay a proper price for a proper job surely, than to try to save a quid or two by paying ya mate's mate Karen to have a go with some toilet bleach and a colour guide she robbed from a Blanx kit. 

Clinics such as Tooth Doctor; whose website is linked further up in this post, offer safe, regulated & proper teeth whitening jobs, which take away all the risk and deliver all the results. I recommend dis.

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The same caution should be applied to some of the at-home teeth whitening kits on the market too - especially the dubious ones you'll see on eBay / Amazon .... and being promoted by the shadier 'influencers' of the web. General teeth whitening products - such as toothpastes and the strips you can pick up in say, Boots or Superdrug; NO PROBLEM. They're fine - regulated and legally can only contain up to a certain percentage of any of the chemicals that could do you harm. But it's when you start dabbling elsewhere the issues begin to surface.

It's so much safer to have your pearly whites brightened by a professional dentist queens - not by an unqualified randomer in ya hairdressers spare room, not from an unlabelled box whose contents are unknown [and potentially illegal in the UK] and not trying any mad 'DIY' challenges the internet might have you believe are safe. Or other at-home kits, with a massive potential to go wrong. Honestly. It's just not worth it. Especially not just for the sake of a few pics for the Gram.

And that's pretty much me, and my 'safety first' rant wrapped up I think gang 😂😂😂 

If, like me, you're thinking of getting ya teeth whitened this Christmas as a nice little treat to yourself & a self esteem boost; GO'ED. I'll come with ya, if you find us a good deal. Double the trouble, and double the smiles if you're with me; cos I LOVE a terrible pun or 12 xox
*Collaborative post, but all opinions are my own
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